Six Industrial Products Powered By a Low Voltage Power Source

Low voltage systems signifies the equipment that make use of up to 50 volts (V) of power, most of the times 48 V, 24 V, and 12 V, and need a different wire network from normal electrical wiring.

Six Industrial Products Powered By a Low Voltage Power Source

Modern industrial buildings have elegant, structured wiring systems and networks that are designed to combine and regulate all important work so that the requirements of the high-tech and inventive businesses of today can be fulfilled.

The applications like surveillance, intercom, sound systems, HVAC, and other low-voltage applications come up with low voltage systems.

Data cabling, fiber optics, access control, surveillance, nurse call, intercom, sound masking, sound system, and control wiring are some other low voltage applications in industrial settling.

In this system, small-gauge copper wires are attached to low-voltage switches that help to turn on and off relays and handle the operation of lights, electrical plates, and other 120-Volt tools. CHINT low voltage devices are now in trend.

What are the components of Low Voltage systems?

You should not think that electrical wiring systems and low voltage electrical systems are the same. In the low voltage electrical systems the switches, controls, and electrical equipment all are operated on low voltage generally in 24VAC.

In the low voltage wiring systems the low voltage electrical power is provided through a line-voltage 120VAC or 220VAC source, which is afterward transformed to the desired lower voltage level. The electric meter of the building and primary electrical panel are the beginning points for this supply of power.

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Moreover, as soon as low voltage wire switches and relays are used to switch on and off building lights, receptacles, and other line-voltage devices, those lights, receptacles, and other devices might be in need of line voltage to run.

The switching tool like interior lights or electric motors, will be powered by 120VAC or in some countries 220VAC “line voltage” electrical power.

Industrial Products Powered By a Low Voltage Power Source

There are a lot of industrial products that are powered by a low voltage power source. We are going to discuss about the six out of them in the following:

1. Fire Protection Systems and Fire Suppression Systems

Fire protection systems play an important role for saving lives as well as property in your building. Low-voltage fire prevention systems such as fire alarms and fire suppression systems are significant parts of your entire fire safety measures.

A low-voltage fire alarm system assures you that everyone in the industrial area has a clear idea on how to flee at the time of a fire emergency. The network could incorporate natural single-building systems to a more detailed fire alarm network in different locations.

This automatic fire suppression appliance helps to know if there is a fire and put it off by using dry chemicals, wet chemicals, liquid, gas, or foam in place of water. In case you have risky products or delicate material on-site, you have to install a fire suppression system.

2. Low Voltage Security Systems

If you want to save yourself from theft and vandalism and keep your employees safe, you have to maintain the building security. A low voltage security system will contain a CCTV surveillance system which helps to detect the intruders. It will help to keep your eyes on your employees.

3. Low Voltage Communication Systems

Some low voltage communication devices are Paging and intercom systems, mass notification systems, nurse call systems, and wireless clocks. These help to send the important messages to proper people. It is not possible to deliver messages in person all across the industrial area. That is why you have to install low voltage communication systems.

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4. Low Voltage Networking Systems

For running the communication system you must have a good low voltage network. There are a lot of connectivity options and networking systems. You have to choose one out of them. You may go for structured cabling or wireless connectivity.

5. Low Voltage Robotic Lighting

Robotic lighting is very common in operation theatres. It helps to provide a clear view to the surgeon when he operates. You may also use this for your photography appliance. You may use this outdoors for lighting, and it is accurate for camping.

6. Capacitor

It is called condenser which helps to store energy in the firm of electric charge.


We have provided all the details about low voltages devices used in the industrial area. CHINT low voltage devices are very much popular. You may try them.