LiFi set to replace WiFi as it Produces Internet Connectivity Through LED Light

How cool is it when the light bulb in our homes work as a source of internet connectivity? I believe it sounds great! A Netherlands-based company, Philips Lighting, has introduced LiFi technology, a high quality LED lighting providing broadband Internet connection through though led light waves and radiation.

This new development has seen Philips Lighting as the first global lighting company to offer LiFi connectivity. As Wi-Fi makes use of radio waves to transmit data, LiFi uses light waves to do the same. It provides a broadband connection with a speed of 30Mbps by the Lighting’s office luminaires enabled with LiFi technology without compromising the light quality.

LiFi technology offers benefits over WiFi. It can be used in places where there is interference between radio frequencies and equipment. It can also be used where WiFi signals cannot be reached or poor. It also comes handy in environments demanding high security since light cannot pass through solid walls.

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Source: Philips Lighting