100+ Cool, Funny and Cute Discord Names

Getting a username for your Discord account is important. However, coming up with one can be challenging. Here, we have listed 100+ cool, funny, and cute Discord names and ideas for you.

100+ Cool, Funny and Cute Discord Names

Most times, when you are suggesting a username, you find yourself sort of ideas. However, it is highly important to choose a username when using the Discord platform.

Unlike many social media and gaming platforms where users have a unique username, Discord usernames are not unique. As a result, multiple users can choose the same name if they wish.

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People can freely use a similar username on Discord without any issues. Hence, there are always a good number of choices to pick from.

Besides, you can also use this list as an inspiration to get an idea of a name you can choose. However, if you cannot come up with a good choice, one of the names on this list will surely make a perfect fit for you.

100+ Cool, Funny and Cute Discord Names

Below, we have listed some Discord names for you.

100+ Cool, Funny, And Cute Discord Names

Cool Discord names

A – F

Abdo, Abe, Akari, Alex, Alias, Ambro, Apathy, Aphrodite, Ash, Athena, Aus, Ava, Avacado, Avax, Avery, Ayla, Bella, Belle, Berry, Bexter, Bird, Blox, Blue, Bones, Botis, Brizzy, Burnsey, Bwi, Cade, Camo, Carwi, Char, Charm, Chilli, Chrys, Coco, Com, Cook, Corrupt, Cosmo, Cyber, Dark, Deku, Des, Devi, Dream, Echo, Elise, Empress, Erky, Evz, Finn, Freak, Frost,

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G – Z

Gecko, Gee, Ghost, Gryffin, Gumi, Hale, Hammy, Harper, Harumi, Haunt, Heavenly, Hina, Horizon, Hunter, Identity, Inept, Ino, January, Jaz, Juno, Kai, Kara, Kells, Kyo, Lana, Lee, Leo, Levi, Lex, Link, Linus, Lucy, Maeve, Magma, Mari, Marz, May, Mel, Misaki, Neon, Nez, Ninja, Overlord, Ozara, Pixel, Poison, Raven, Roki, Saturn, Solaris, Stealth, Trev, Trinity, Vex, Vixi, Willow, Xeno, Xevelyn, Yone, Zach, Zanny, Zaya, Zetsu

Cute Discord names

Angel, Baby, Blondie, Bubbles, Bunny, Candy, Clover, Cupid, Daisy, Darling, Dove, Fairy, Kat, Kitten, Kitty, Lilly, Nyan, Panda, Princess, Puppy, Rainbow, Rose, Strawberry, Unicorn, Vanilla, Xo

G - Z

Funny Discord names

BigChungus, DaBaby, Doge, DripJesus, Loading…, Malding, NigerianPrince, OblivionNPC, Pinhead, SendHelp, Snek, SofaKing, Swagmaster, TerminalChillness, TrashPanda, WastedWizard

What is a username on Discord?

Usernames on Discord help other users to be able to identify you. More so, they usually come with a tag.

To search for a Discord user, you have to enter their username including the tag. In essence, to search for a user with the username “king#1234”, simply enter the entire characters in the username without ignoring the tag.

Are Discord usernames unique?

The same Discord usernames can be shared between different users, hence, it is safe to say that they are not unique. It simply means that you can share the same username with another Discord user.

Please note that Discord usernames have a tag attached to them. With this tag, you can easily identify users whose usernames are similar.

Lastly, to add a Discord user, you can search for their username without ignoring the tag. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find them.

G - Z

How do you change your username on Discord?

Discord username can be changed whenever you feel like it. If you want to change your Discord username, simply do the following:

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On the Discord website, go to your user settings and find “My Account”. Under “My Account”, locate your username and click “Edit” to make changes to it.

However, on the mobile app, tap your profile picture from the bottom navigation bar and choose “Account”. Follow up by selecting “Username” and make changes to it as you want.


The process of guessing a Discord name is stressful. Here, we have provided you with ideas that you can use to come up with one without stress.

However, if you can still come up with a name for your Discord account, you can choose one of the names on this list. The names on this list can be used by both the male and female gender.

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100+ Cool, Funny and Cute Discord Names

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