Amanda The Adventurer Endings

Amanda The Adventurer game follows the storyline of Dora the Explorer, the popular children's TV show. Here, we have explained Amanda The Adventurer endings for both right and wrong answers.

Amanda The Adventurer Endings

A horror game designed by James Pratt, Amanda The Adventurer is story-line based. It follows the story of the popular children's TV show, Dora the Explorer.

The main character represents Amanda, a brave girl and Wooly, who happens to be a coward sheep. Even if you can’t remember a lot of scenes, episodes or characters from the show, the game will take you back to memory lane and make you feel young again.

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Many people who have played the game wondered if there is a secret ending to it and what it looks like.

Below, we have provided the secret endings to all the right and wrong answers to Amanda The Adventurer.

Amanda The Adventurer Endings right answers ending

Amanda The Adventurer Endings right answers ending

Amanda will not get mad during the course of playing the game having provided all the right answers. After the butcher scene, Wooly the sheep will remain dead. However, in the final tape, its wool will be found on the pavement.

This tells us that Wooly the sheep will still be slaughtered no matter if you have given the correct or wrong answers. You will also find out that the on-screen text is completely random.

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At the end of the game, immediately after the on-screen text, Amanda will come like a monster with wool-covered eyes, sharp teeth and claws.

Amanda The Adventurer Endings wrong answers ending

Anytime a player gives a wrong answer, Amanda gets mad. Also, when a wrong answer is picked, the option disappears allowing you to choose the answer which is right.

From the swing in the final tape, if you choose a wrong answer, the moon vanishes from the sky. In turn, her eyes of Amanda change to white while she shouts at you to click the house.

The moon vanishes from the sky

The endings as a result of picking wrong answers are very similar to that of the right answers. Towards the end, many random on-screen texts will show on the screen after which Amanda will then come like a monster, with wool-covered eyes, sharp teeth and claws.

Here are the endings to the game. There is no secret ending to talk about than the different emotions displayed during the course of playing the game by Amanda.

Amanda The Adventurer secrets

In the second episode, type lamb thrice to see the Amanda The Adventurer lamb. Then, Amanda The Adventurer v1.1 added a secret to the game.

While in the meat store from the second episode, simply type lamb thrice. At the third time, it automatically changes into the meat. However, you do not have to worry about it. You have unlocked the chance to watch a secret tape.

Type lamb thrice

Amanda The Adventurer secret tape

The secret tape is left on the table after you have typed lamb thrice. As a result, episode 2 is ended and removed from the television.

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Written on the tape is the episode number which has been smudged. To watch the tape, you have to click on it. Then, you would see an odd image of a house, a forest and hanging meat.

The first part you see on the tape is a picture of some houses whose owners are unknown. However, it resembles the houses in episode 3, at the scene where Amanda requested you to knock on the door, although, with no swing.

Click on the tape

Other parts of the tape have a forest and a piece of meat hanging.

The game developers are James Pratt (art, voice of Wooly), Reece Themen (art), Michael Arcadi (programming), Patrick Flattery (music) and Chelsea Lecompte (voice of Amanda).

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Amanda The Adventurer Endings

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