Fixed: Instagram Active Status Not Working

Are you experiencing issues using the Instagram mobile app on your device? Here, we have explained how to fix Instagram Active Status Not Working.

Fixed: Instagram Active Status Not Working

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Its app is in use by billions of users across the world.

Instagram allows you to create and enjoy the buzz on the internet. However, some users are currently having issues using Instagram stories.

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Below, we have explained why Instagram Active Status Not Working and how to fix it.

Why is Instagram Active Status Not Working?

The Instagram Active Status is not working for some reason. These include technical issues in the app, or the server is down.

Also, you may have your network connection turned off, or your device is running on low data mode. Otherwise, you might have a cache issue, or your network has been limited.

These issues can be fixed by updating the app from your Google Play Store or App Store, clearing the app cache, or switching to a different network.

Fixed: Instagram Active Status Not Working

How to Fix Instagram Active Status Not Working?

1.     Clear your app cache

In many cases, clearing the app cache will help you fix the issues. Backlogs of outdated cache usually prevent apps from functioning well.

To fix Instagram Active Status Not Working issue, you can clear the Instagram app cache on your device. On Android, go to Settings, then to App Management. Now, locate and choose the Instagram App. Select the clear cache option, and the Instagram app cache is freed.

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Launch your Settings app and visit the General tab to clear your iPhone's Instagram app cache. Under this, choose Instagram and then iPhone Storage. Finally, select the delete option and reinstall the Instagram app.

2.     Remove and reinstall the app

Removing and reinstalling the Instagram app can help you clear the app cache and install the updated version of the app. You can remove the app from the Google Play Store or App Store or your device settings.

Reinstalling Instagram also helps the app to start running afresh.

3.     Update the app

If you haven't updated the Instagram app in a while, your device might be running on an unsupported version. Hence, the reason you have issues using the app.

To fix the Instagram Active Status Not Working issue, you need to update the app to the most recent release. To do that, visit the Google Play Store if you use an Android device or App Store for iOS.

Updating the Instagram app will help you fix bugs and glitches that may be introduced in the previous version if the update is aimed at bug fixes and performance improvements.

4.     Restart your device

Restarting your mobile phone could be the solution you need to fix the problem. Restart your device, then start the Instagram app again. Now, the app should run perfectly.

5.     Wait for a while

Sometimes, the Instagram Active Status Not Working might be a technical error, or the server is down. In this case, you can only wait till the technical team resolve the issue.

In many cases, the Instagram team are already aware of the situation and must be working to ensure the problem is resolved. Hence, there is nothing you can do than wait.

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6.    Contact the Support Team

If none of the solutions above works, and your Active Status are still not working, you can request the Instagram Support team's help.

How to contact the Instagram support team

Launch the Instagram App and go to your profile. Select the menu icon from the top right corner and choose the Settings option.

Under Settings, select “Help”, then “Report a Problem”. Now, you have three options which are “Report spam or abuse”, “Send Feedback,” and “Report a problem”.

Select “Report a problem” and explain the issue with your Instagram Active Status Not Working. You can also attach a screenshot to the message, then choose “Submit”.

However, you must wait for the Support team to resolve your issue.


As discussed above, the issue could be due to various factors. Each case has its solution except when there is a technical issue or the server is down. If that is it, you will have to wait for the team to fix it.

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Fixed: Instagram Active Status Not Working

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8 thoughts on “Fixed: Instagram Active Status Not Working”

  1. The problem is still there. Even after reset or reboot and even update to ios16… so this is bug. Activity status is not working for my daughters instagram account either… in the app.

    I can see online status on browser but not in the app.

    Not that it matters that much but it is wrong that it is not working.

  2. There appears to be another factor that influences it as well that I’m experiencing atm.

    I have everything set to be on and to show my active status, I never touch it or turn it off.

    A good friend of mine has advised me that it keeps going off and doesn’t show my active status for a period of time. It basically looks like it’s been turned off. I know what it sounds like but neither of us ever touch or turn this setting off at all.

    Both our accounts have the active status setting turned on, and neither of us have blocked or restricted the other however we do not follow each other on Instagram but have messaged in the past.

    It seems to occur mostly when I am not even using my phone, never mind instagram, like in the evenings or overnight when I am asleep and my phone is charging.

    Not sure what causes it but I would love to find out…it’s so weird

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