Fixed: MW2 Beta Xbox

Are you experiencing issues opening MW2 Beta on your Xbox? Here, we have explained how to fix MW2 Beta issues on Xbox.

Fixed: MW2 Beta issues on Xbox

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Why Does MW2 Beta Have Issues on Xbox?

MW2 Beta issue on Xbox is due to some reason. These include technical issues in the app or the server is down.

Also, you may have your internet connection turned off, or your device is running on low data mode. Otherwise, you might be running out of data.

Fixed: MW2 Beta Xbox

How to Fix MW2 Beta Issues on Xbox

1.     Use the mobile app to preload

Many Xbox users are experiencing issues receiving a beta code from the website to allow them to preload. If you are a victim and have the Xbox app installed on your device and linked to your console, you can check the beta through the app.

Although you cannot do much than preload it from your mobile app, you still need to download it later on your console.

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2.      Restart your console

Fixing MW2 Beta on Xbox might require that you restart your Xbox. Before proceeding, you need to close the game window and restart.

After restarting, you can relaunch the Call of Duty game, and the error should be fixed.

3.      Confirm that the Call of Duty server is running

If you get the MW2 Beta issue on Xbox, you should check that the Call of Duty server is running. When the server is down, you may experience some issues when playing the game or be unable to play at all.

You can check if the server is down from the DownDetector website or see if anyone is tweeting about the issue on Twitter. If you find out that many people are reporting this issue, the server will likely be down.

However, there is nothing you can do except wait until the issue is fixed.

4.    Contact the Support Team

If none of the solutions above works, and you keep getting the error, you can request the Support team's help.

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You need to wait for the Support team to resolve your issue.

5.  Wait and play Call of Duty later

Since the game is returning an error because of a heavy server load, you can wait and play when the number of players online has reduced.

The Call of Duty game is experiencing issues connectivity issues at the moment. In this case, you can wait and play the game later.


Call of Duty servers is returning errors to users. The MW2 Beta problem on Xbox is just one of the many recent issues about Call of Duty.

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Fixed: MW2 Beta Xbox

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