How to Scan a Document on Android

Would you like to turn paper pages into a piece of a document? In this post, we have discussed how to scan a document on Android.

How to Scan a Document on Android

Smartphones come with many possibilities. They are a good number of functions your Android device can do. These include making calls, taking pictures, recording videos and more.

Although Google owns the Android OS, different manufacturers make smartphones running on it. That is, not only devices made by Google use the Android OS.

Popular Android smartphone makers include Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Xiaomi, and OnePlus, among others. The devices come at varying prices based on their features and capabilities. But you can always get an Android device, even with a low budget.

Sometimes, we need to make scanned copies of a paper. Imagine you are out of the office but need to get a document across. Also, if you are a student, you are often given assignments and instructed to turn them in as a document. A while back, you need an electronic scanner to convert papers into a document. But with the advancement of technology, if you need to convert your piece into an electronic document, you only need your mobile device.

Note that both Android devices and iOS, including the iPhone and iPad, come with an in-built function for making scan documents. On Android, you can scan a document using the Google Drive app. The Google Drive app is a storage application for storing files. However, it has a function that can help scan a paper into a document.

Also, some phone manufacturers have features already built within the camera app. A well-known example is Samsung Galaxy devices running on One UI 2 and above.

If you do not have Google Drive and a Samsung Galaxy device, you can install the mobile app or a third-party app capable of performing the function. You can use numerous applications in the Google Play Store to scan documents. One popular Android third-party scanner app is CamScanner for Android devices.

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Below, we explain how you can scan a document on Android.

How to Scan a Document on Android

Open Google Drive

Launch the Google Drive app to scan a document and log in with your preferred email address (if you are using it for the first time). When you finally get to the home screen, you should proceed to the next step.

Select the scan option

While on the home screen, tap on the “+” icon close to the bottom right corner towards the menu options. This will reveal the “Create new” menu. Here, you have the “Folder”, “Upload”, “Scan”, “Google Docs”, “Google Sheets”, and “Google Slides” options.

How to Scan a Document on Android
Tap on the “+” icon to begin.

Select “Scan”, and the app will ask permission to take pictures and record videos. Choose Allow from the permission prompt, and your device camera will open automatically.

How to Scan a Document on Android
Choose “Scan” to see the camera screen.

You only need to grant the Google Drive app permission once. The subsequent scanning process will not require this.

Scan your document

Next, place your device camera above the piece of paper to scan. Ensure all the edges appear on your screen before you go ahead. Tap the capture button from the bottom of your screen. Afterwards, you can confirm or discard the scanned document using the “Tick” and “X” icons on your screen.

Edit the document

If you confirm the document, the following screen will display the scanned file and allow you to make changes. If you discard the document, you will go back to the camera screen and can go through the scanning process again.

Some changes you can make to the document include cropping the edges and applying rotation and effects. The effects options are “Black & White”, “Color”, and “Color Drawing”.

You can also rename the scanned file and set options for “Image enhancement”, “Paper Size”, “Paper Orientation”, and “Image Quality”.

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Save the document

The last step in the scanning process is to save the document. Select the “Save” option from the document editing screen from the bottom right corner.

The next page is titled “Save to Drive”. Here, you can edit the document title, select a Google account, and select the folder to save the document in Google Drive. Afterwards, tap “Save”, and the Google Drive app will save your scanned file to the destination.

Note that copy the link to the file from the saved destination and share it with anyone you want to have access to it. You can also download a copy to your device storage.


Google Drive is an excellent application with numerous functions to complete its storage ability. Aside from saving files, it lets you access them anywhere and allows you to share them with others.

You can also create new documents, sheets, slides and forms with Google Drive. To use the app, you only need a Google account. Every Google account owner has up to 15GB of storage space on the app, which can be upgraded when you opt-in for a monthly subscription service.

Alternatively, you can check out other third-party scanning apps to see their functions and how they work.