How Much RAM Should a Smartphone Have?

Do you think you actually need that excess RAM or you are just paying excess? In this post, you will get to know how much RAM an ideal smartphone is meant to have.

How Much RAM Should a Smartphone Have?

In recent times, the regular volume of RAM needed by smartphones has rapidly grown. Nowadays, smartphones come in different RAM sizes and internal storage capacities. The least RAM among these, popular among budget phones is the 1GB and 2GB while flagship phones having up to 12GB in RAM.

This variation has brought about the question, how much RAM should a smartphone have?

Well, if you are in haste to get an answer to that, I would say 4GB. That should be more than enough for an average phone user. You can combine browsing, social media, video streaming, and mobile games seamlessly on a device with up to 4GB RAM.

However, it is not so in some cases. Some smartphone users might need more and some, less. Needed RAM size depends on the OS, apps you use and how well you use your device.

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What is RAM in Smartphones?

RAM – Random Access Memory, computer hardware usually a temporary memory used to store frequently accessed information. It is not only found in mobile phones but desktop computers, laptops, and other devices.

How RAM looks in different devices might vary. However, it performs almost the same similar functions.

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RAM Usage in iOS and Android

The two most popular OS for smartphones are iOS and Android. While the former is majorly for Apple devices, almost everything else outside belongs to the latter.

When compared, iOS unlike Android uses less RAM. This is because its chips are well-optimized and used majorly and exclusively with Apple products. However, Android is multi-system and used by many brands. Apart from the original OS as released by Google, every phone maker still adds a thing or two in the skin. This act usually consumes more RAM.

If you have a phone with insufficient RAM, you may consider moving some apps to the SD card or adding more SD RAM. However, before you do those, be sure your phone is slow due to low RAM.

How Much RAM Should a Smartphone Have?

If you normally use your phone for texting, calling, video streaming and you don’t browse that much, those things do not need too much RAM usage. However, if you involve in activities like mobile gaming and video editing, you should know those requires more RAM.

Some of the most common things people use their smartphones for include;

Social Media – Includes, Facebook, Instagram and the likes. The least RAM they take is around 100MB and can grow up to 300MB depending on how often you use them.

Mobile Browsers and Video Players – include Chrome and YouTube, respectively. RAM used depends on how many tabs are in use and the quality of video you are viewing but can take up to 500MB.

Mobile Gaming – FIFA games can use up to 1GB RAM or more. Size of RAM consumed is based on graphic quality and functions embedded in it. PUBG and Black Desert Online games even require smartphones to have at least 8GB of RAM to play without any issues.

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With these, you can make a rough estimate of what you actually. But, remember you need to add the RAM being consumed by your OS. This is the major reason why you find smartphones having as much as 6 GB, 8 GB, and 12 GB RAM memory nowadays.


Having large RAM sizes is not always necessary. But, since people have different reasons for using their smartphones, the ideal consumption range is always between 2GB and 12GB. No matter what your calculation is, always keep in mind that the more, the better the phone use.

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