How to Color Correct Multiple Images in Photoshop

Whether you are a novice photographer or an expert, you can not deliver the final photo directly from the camera raw file. It would help if you did the color correction and basic editing to make the final output better and presentable. However, taking many photos is a hassle and time-consuming work. What if you want to make changes in all images with similar mood and color grading? In photoshop, there is a specific tool to do bulk editing easily. So, here I am going to tell you how to color correct multiple images in Photoshop.

How to Color Correct Multiple Images in Photoshop

How to Color Correct Multiple Images in Photoshop

If you are using any Photoshop from CS2 to the latest version of Photoshop, this tutorial will work on it. However, the user interface might not be the same but you will get all the options. Photoshop color correction evolves a lot to ensure a better user experience and smooth color balance. Surely Photoshop is the most reliable tool for image editing. 

Create Action

This method starts with creating actions that you need to apply later on to other images. First, you need to open your Photoshop application and start following these procedures.

  • Open a picture or drag it to Photoshop.
  • Now go to the Windows and check the actions. You will see the actions tab appears in the window.
  • Now create a folder on it, and name its color correction.
  • Then, click on the New Action button to create the actions. Name its color correction and click the record button. Now all the actions will be recorded for later use.
  • This is the time to perform the color correction. First, go to the adjustment from the Image menu and click on Curves. And adjust it according to the photo. You manually adjust that or click on auto to adjust it better.
  • From the same Image menu to adjustment, go to the Levels and correct that now. It will level the light balance to make your photo attractive.
  • Now, adjust the Hue and saturation to set the mood of that photo. Following a similar process you will get to this option and adjust your photo. It will set the tone of your picture to get a good vibe.
  • Finally, go to Image> Adjustment> Color Balance. This is where you correct your shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. Adjust the tone according to your expectation. It is the final process for correcting your photo. If you want advanced-level color correction, you can do that independently. I will jump to that part since this is about bulk color correction. But you can edit as long as you need to make the picture perfect and you achieve your satisfactory level.
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So, after finishing the color correction, stop the recording and close that picture. You have created the actions that you need to apply to the rest of the images.

Apply Actions To The Multiple Images

In this process, you can edit as many images as you want. However, that depends on your computer performance. If your computer is not that fast, you can edit a few photos to reduce the workload.

  • First of all, go to File>Scripts> Image Processor.
  • Then select a folder that consists of the raw images.
  • After that, select the location for edited images or create a new folder for that.
  • Now, click on the run button to apply that action to all images available in that folder.
  • This process will take time based on the number of images. In the meantime, you do not have to do anything. Keep your hand off the mouse and keyboard. Your computer will automatically edit and save the photo in that specific folder.
  • After everything is done, you can go to the output folder and check all the edited images.

This method is the superior method so far. Some of the experts suggest batch editing. But, I find this editing method helpful for bulk image editing at a time.

When Can You Edit Multiple Images At a Time?

Let's admit that every image needs separate editing to make it perfect. However, if you have a similar color setting and the same model, you can edit those pictures together without putting too much effort. At least this can save a lot of time for editing the photo again and again.

But, if you have different locations, models, and camera settings, you can not edit all the pictures together. It will be a total mess with horrible color correction because you do not know a particular photo's color profile or light balance. When you do similar actions to all images, some pictures will get overdone, and some remain undone. Only similar quality pictures will get the proper color correction.

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However, if you select the auto color correction, this problem will not occur. In this case, Photoshop will read the pictures and apply the possible correction without doing anything excessive.

Few Tips on Color Correction

How to Color Correct Multiple Images in Photoshop

If you are a novice in color correcting, you can follow these tips to get a decent output.

  • Always edit on a calibrated and profiled monitor to avoid inaccurate color rendition.
  • An eyedropper tool is an efficient option for picking the right color.
  • You can use the color wheel to get the right complementary color.
  • Also, use levels and curves to adjust the image tone and color balance.
  • If you struggle to find the proper white balance, use a histogram.
  • Use saturation and vibrance to adjust the color saturation of an image.


To get a proper image, color correction is the least you need to do. Since you know how to color correct multiple images in Photoshop, it will help you reduce the time for editing the photos. However, you will get excellent results by editing one by one. Because here, you can manually check the color balance and others to pull out the best possible outcome. Yet, this multiple colors correcting method helps edit a mass image group with a similar color profile where you know it needs similar color adjustments.

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