5 Good Reasons to Study Mathematics

Considering the rate at which people fail at mathematics nowadays, I feel the need to come up with this piece as a motivation. That is what brings about this article on the 5 good reasons to study mathematics.

5 Good Reasons to Study Mathematics

Mathematics Explained

Mathematics is not just a subject. Rather, it defines the way we live. Many people around the world hate the subject and some are forced to like it just because they need to pass either to promote, graduate or for scholarship opportunities. However, there are still people who like mathematics passionately. Those people will do anything to get a mathematical question solved because of their unending love for it.

To clarify, mathematics is a necessity and its role cannot be over-emphasized and we all need mathematics in our daily lives. It is an important discipline which gives a better explanation of the things around and provides the solution to many problems and mysteries in the world.

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Who Needs Mathematics

Consequently, all professionals in the world need mathematics, most especially in the aspect of finances and budgets. Whether you run a small, medium or large scale business, you just can’t do without mathematics. When the mathematics in a business is wrong, then the business is already on the verge of collapsing.

There is much more to studying mathematics in universities and colleges. Mathematics students from those academic environments are developed in various mathematical skills which include computation, analysis among many other approaches to solving problems.

The discipline also helps in widening our knowledge in playing games – electronic and puzzles of different kinds. It develops our thinking ability and thereby, makes us think and come up with solutions within a reasonable time limit.

Mathematics is essential in other fields including Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology. Botany, Zoology, Engineering and Technology – such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil, Social Sciences such as Demography and Economics, Arts, Music, Mass Communication, among others. Certainly, it is very safe for one to regard mathematics as a universal language.

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Now, let us consider the 5 good reasons to study mathematics.

5 Good Reasons to Study Mathematics

Passion for Solving Issues

If you have a passion for solving logical problems, then you need to try the field of mathematics. With that, you will be able to understand the course based on the passion that is already in you. This will make you be able to impact the skills you’ve learned to the coming generation and to change the world.

Most mathematicians are filled with joy when they solve problems because of their love for what they do.

Need for Mathematicians

The world has a lot of mathematical problems unsolved even though the field has been able to solve a vast number of problems in different aspect of living – including transportation, education, governance, law and many others.

Mathematicians are needed more in various schools to equip the coming generations with the skills they need and remove that hatred they have for it from their hearts.

More mathematician is needed in governance to improve leadership in different countries. In a country where the calculations are wrong, it will be difficult to predict the future of such a country and as a result, the leaders of such a country will fail in giving good leadership.

Without mathematicians, it will be very impossible for humans to get to space. The whole concept behind the success of human in space is purely mathematical.

People that take part in bets, gambles and stakes do better when they understand the mathematics behind it.

Knowledge Transfer

The knowledge someone acquires in this filed can be easily transferred to another. When you understand a mathematical concept, definitely explaining it to another person won’t be a problem.

Knowledge shared continues to go in that form till we have more mathematicians around us. Another interesting fact is that most mathematicians don’t hide their knowledge. Rather, they find joy in teaching people what they know.

Flexible Nature of the Subject

Mathematics is a flexible course that can be studied along with some other courses without denying the student the proper knowledge of any of the combined courses.

Mathematics in some schools are often studied along with History, English language, Spanish, Music, Computer studies among others.

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Studying mathematics alongside another field will let you see the role of mathematics and appreciate it in that field, and will enable you to apply mathematical tools to problems identified in the other field.

For the Bag

Every professional get paid for the services they render. This does not leave out the mathematicians. Mathematicians who are employed as teachers, lecturers or are employed as a specialist in other fields get good pay based on the salary scale of their country.

Mathematicians can work in banks to monitor the financial records, industrial companies to monitor and control the debit and credit. They can also act as quality control agents in industries.

Hospitals can employ mathematicians to ensure the adequate and proper keeping of community health records. They can also work with health agencies to ensure records of occurrence of diseases are taken and recorded.

Lastly, mathematics can work in insurance companies, education sector, weather reporting agencies, finance ministries and department, enterprises and can take part in politics.


If you have a passion for mathematics, then you should just go for it. There is a tendency that you will get a job and make use of the knowledge in changing the world and make it a better place.

Will you consider a career in mathematics? Kindly tell us in the comments.

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