How to Earn Real Money When You Create An Opera News Hub Account

Do you have a passion for writing? It is high time you turn your passion to profit. In this post, you will be learning how to earn real money when you create an Opera News Hub account.

How to Earn Real Money When You Create An Opera News Hub Account

Opera news hub houses many writers providing news, articles and write-ups on different topics published on the Opera News App. When Opera started the news app, it considered wooing people to install it by rewarding them with ₦100 on every successful invitation. However, this later dropped to ₦50 and continues until the offer was no more.

Many website owners and content writers were given the chance during this period to add their website with Opera News. This will allow content from their websites to be seen by readers on Opera News while they earn from such and get traffic to their website in return.

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In the meantime, Opera News has extended this opportunity to people who believe they can write by with no website. Anyone can earn from Opera News Hub as a writer. You only need to register an account, get approved, write, watch your people read your piece and you earn. It is that simple.

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How to Earn with Opera News Hub

To earn with Opera News Hub, you need to create an account to become a creator. To join, kindly follow the procedures provided below.

Click here to visit the Opera News Hub Creator’s page and Sign Up. Ensure you fill the login account confirmation, Account information and Author Information pages properly and submit them. Also, you are required to add your Opay account number. This is simply the phone number you used when you create an Opay account here.

Finally, wait for approval from the Opera News Team. This might take up to an hour or less.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does Opera News Hub Work

Like I said earlier, Opera News Hub is a publication platform that lets you write for people to read and you earn. It’s that simple!

How Much Does Opera News Hub Pay

Payment on Opera News content is based on content clicks, quality, article creation and reading time. For content clicks, you can earn up to ₦0.036 from a click on your article.

By a simple calculation, this means you are earning ₦900 on 25,000 clicks to your article. If you write daily and people read, you can earn at least ₦30,000 per month.

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How Does Opera News Hub Pay

Payments are made directly to your Opay account. Ensure you register an account with Opay and link with your Opera News Hub creator’s account.

For more information o Opera News Hub, kindly refer to the FAQ page on the Opera News Hub Creator’s page.

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