How to Withdraw Funds from a Nigeria PayPal Account to Bank

In this post, you will be learning how to withdraw funds from a Nigeria PayPal account to bank.

How to Withdraw Funds from a Nigeria PayPal Account to Bank

As you might have heard, Nigeria PayPal accounts only let you send payment but not receive. Well, there is a way around it. If you have created your PayPal account using the method discussed in my previous post, then you shouldn’t have any problem with cashing out.

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How to Withdraw Funds from a Nigeria PayPal Account to Bank

There are two ways through which you can withdraw your PayPal funds. You may consider selling your funds directly to exchangers by transferring the funds to their PayPal and get the naira equivalence sent to your bank account. This is not always the best option. Exchangers also run this business to make profits and hence, give a considerably low rate when buying your funds. Some popular Exchangers are Ashirin and Online Naira.

You may also consider Livetechnoid as your exchanger to enjoy amazing rates and offers. Simply use the contact form about the quantity you wish to sell and we will get back to you with the rate in realtime.

Another great way is to withdraw your PayPal funds directly to your bank account. Remember we have created our PayPal account from the Lesotho gateway. As someone who resides in Nigeria, you will not be able to link your bank account but a debit card. The only acceptable card that you can link to your PayPal account is the UBA AfriCard.

Also, before you can request to withdraw your funds to a bank account, you must verify the PayPal account. This can be simply done by linking the UBA AfriCard to the account. But note that the card is only required to withdraw. If you're selling to an exchanger, you do not need it.

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About UBA AfriCard

How to Withdraw Funds from a Nigeria PayPal Account to Bank

AfriCard is a flexible card that works across the continent and around the globe. You can get your AfriCard from any UBA bank branch across the country. You only need to go with your NEPA bill, a valid ID and passport. Its issuance is free of charge and not necessary that you have a UBA Bank account before you can get one.

Upon issuance, ensure that you make some deposit on the card for proper activation.

How to Link UBA AfriCard to a PayPal Account

Before you have made a deposit on the card before you proceed.

  1. Log in to PayPal with this link and click on the Link a debit card option available at the top of the page on your dashboard or use this direct link. You can also bookmark that link to guarantee fast access to your account.
  2. Now, proceed by entering the Africard details correctly and click Done. A service charge of $1 will be charged.
  3. Further, click on Verify debit card and a verification charge of $2 will be placed on the card. However, the charges will be refunded within three days. In addition, a verification code will be sent to your mobile. The code is usually in the format PP*1234 CODE meaning that 1234 is your card verification code. Enter this code to your account and you are done.
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After verifying your card successfully, you can always send funds from PayPal to your Nigeria bank account using the card.

Furthermore, if you encounter any issues when using your PayPal account, feel free to reach out to the customer care support by using the contact us option on their website. You can also place a call to the support on 1-402-935-2050. However, ensure you always reach out for customer care support with the email address or phone number associated with your PayPal account.

In addition, when placing a call to PayPal, a unique one-time password (OTP) is required. You can always get your OTP code here.

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