How to Request for GTBank ATM Card Online

I know you dislike the long queue in banks too. Of course, no one likes to waste their precious time queueing just to collect their ATM card. Here, you will be learning how to request for GTBank ATM card online.

How to Request for GTBank ATM Card Online

Many people believe ATM cards cannot be requested without visiting the bank. Nah, this is 2020. Nigerian banks have upgraded their services in a lot of ways. You can request your card and get it mailed to you within 7 days anywhere in the world.

Although the option is not available of the websites of many banks including GTBank. The reasons for this might be due to the alarming rate of cybercrimes in our country. However, almost all banks allow you to block your ATM card or otherwise from their website.

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GTBank normally charges for new cards when the last issued expires. A new card is produced and the customer will receive a text to come for the new card upon deducting the charges from the account.

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Henceforth, you don’t need to visit a GTBank branch before you can get a new card. The easiest way to achieve this will be discussed below.

How to Request for GTBank ATM Card Online

Before you make a request, be sure you have a genuine reason why you may not be able to visit the bank.

To ask for a new card, send an email to [email protected] or fill the Customer Request Form on GTBank's website requesting to have a new ATM card for your account. Ensure you state the account number that will be used with the card for people with multiple GTBank accounts.

Also, include the reason why it is not possible for you to come to the bank in person and include your address in the email.

Send the email and wait for a reply from the customer care agents for further clarifications and you should get your ATM card sent to you within 7 working days.

You can also contact their agents by placing a call to GTBank call centre on +234 700 4826 66328.


I have used this method twice with GTBank and some other banks in Nigeria. This method also works for people who are outside the country. GTBank will mail your ATM card to you anywhere in the world.

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