How to Easily Unlock iPhone Devices Using Dr Fone

Have you ever been locked out of your iPhone for forgetting your password? In this discussion, I will be explaining how you can easily unlock your iPhone devices Using Dr Fone software.

How to Easily Unlock iPhone Devices Using Dr Fone

Disclaimer: This discussion is solely for educational purposes. Do not use it on phones that are not yours. Before you use it for someone else, be sure that the phone truly belongs to them.

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Should you need to unlock an iPhone? You don’t need to panic. You can still get access to your mobile phone again. I will be putting you through on the process to unlock your Apple mobile products for real. Certainly, this method works for most iPhones including iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

If you need to easily unlock your iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 or 8. All you need to do is to follow this well-explained guide and gain access to your phone again.

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  1. A Personal Computer (PC)
  2. Dr Fone Software (Download here)
  3. iPhone USB cable

After getting the requirements ready, you can then proceed with the steps provided below.

How to Unlock iPhone Devices

  1. Start by installing Dr Fone software downloaded earlier on the PC.
  2. After installation, launch the application and click on screen unlock.
  3. Now, connect your iPhone to the PC through the use of the cable and then select storage.
  4. From the options displayed on the screen, click on the unlock screen.
  5. Now, restart your phone to DFU mode. (You select DFU mode when you restart).
  6. Fone will be able to identify and display the phone device model and system version when in DFU mode.
  7. You can then proceed to download the firmware for your device as provided by Dr Fone.
  8. After downloading, from the available screen options, click unlock now to unlock the iPhone device.

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