Modern Millionaires Scam – An Honest Analysis

There are many reasons why online businesses are great. It does not require renting space or hiring a lot of employees. 

Modern Millionaires Scam - An Honest Analysis

Therefore, it is understandable that more and more people are looking for ways to make money online. There are so many get-rich-quick scams on the web that it's challenging to find a course you can trust. Most of them are pyramid schemes.

The Modern Millionaires training program promises to teach you how to run an online business from home. Is this a legit and valuable resource, or is it just another scam? 

Let's find out in this review.

What's Included in the Modern Millionaires Course? 

The course aims to help online business owners generate leads. The methods used are not questionable. There is no need to convince others to join you in a pyramid scheme. You will learn how to generate leads and sell them to relevant businesses.

 In this course, you will learn about inbound marketing, lead nurturing, and finding prospects to sell leads. 

There are four modules, plenty of bonuses, and free materials included. Let's take a look at each section in turn: 

Module 1: The Basics

The introductory module covers all the basics at the beginning. There are tips to help you be more successful and get the most out of the course.

The module gets right to the point after the brief introduction, which is picking your niche.

The course provides you with a list of 100+ niche ideas along with extensive information about their performance. Niche selection is typically a time-consuming process, which is why the list is valuable.

Module 2: Prospecting & Clients

In the second module, you will learn to nurture prospects and clients. An overview of how to use a CRM and monitor prospects is included in the module. They will also show you how to engage with your prospects using email or LinkedIn. Reaching out to other businesses is challenging because most people are not comfortable doing so. 

However, there are templates and tips to help you get started.

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Module 3: Traffic Acquisition

This module will learn how to generate leads once you have lined up potential customers. 

The third module will teach you everything about Google and Facebook Ads platform.

Making $$$ on the web is next to impossible without learning how to target potential customers. Your business' survival and profitability depend on sales-qualified leads. And this course will teach you how to target potential customers and convert them into leads.

Module 4: Automation

The next step will be to learn about automation tactics and how to use project management software as a tool. 

The creators, Chance and Abdul go through all these tools and techniques in great detail in turn.

Modern Millionaires' strongest points:


Online lead generation for local businesses is covered in detail in this course. That is probably the most comprehensive training you will find about PPC ads and generating leads. 

The course doesn't miss anything essential. This course covers all aspects of running a successful online business. But at the same time, it does not attempt to stretch the student too far.

The course looks excellent and is well organized. There are also several hacks and tricks you won't find anywhere else. 

Experts behind the Course

It has become increasingly common to find courses taught by self-proclaimed experts who don't know what they're talking about. However, the Course creators appear to be experts in their field. 

It was developed by Abdul and Chance, who has extensive experience and a history of running their own successful business. However, they are not the only ones. Many coaches and other students can help you in the Facebook group.

It is regularly updated

The course is updated once a month with new tactics. Online business courses often contain outdated information, which is a plus. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Millionaire Training

The course is pricey

The course has a reasonable fee, but other costs are involved too. Despite offering good value for money, the course is still costly as you need to spend as much as $5,000 to get started. Those who do not have this kind of money can work with instalment plans.

The course is to the point

The course is focused on the topic of lead generation. That is a good thing because you do not get overwhelmed with the information.

The course focuses entirely on Paid Traffic 

It is both a good thing and a bad thing. It is bad because paid traffic will cost money. But it is good because you get instant results, unlike free methods that might take months to produce results.

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I would have liked to see the course cover other supplemental tactics as well.

It is not possible to verify the success stories:

There are several success stories from people who claim to have used the course and succeeded. However, it is impossible to tell if they are real or not. Similarly, you will also find some negative reviews. 

It is a common thing with all online courses. Even the most legitimate training cannot guarantee 100% success for all students.   

Outreach can be challenging:

You will need to do a little bit of cold-calling. It might be a little uncomfortable for you if you aren't good at sales and directly communicating with people. But you will get the help, tips, and tricks to make it easy for you.

Student Ratings:

Paid members can join a private group of 6000+ people on Facebook. Once you enrol in the course, you will access the network and connect with like-minded people. Going through the group, you can easily see that most students are happy. Every day, someone shares small wins and success stories. 

There is no doubt that this is an excellent course for both beginners and advanced users.

But you can also find some negative reviews.

This course won't make you rich quickly, so if you expect that, you'll be disappointed.

Is the Course A Scam?

“Modern Millionaires” cannot be called a scam or a waste of money. That would be unfair. Students are trained extensively during the course.

If you take this course, you must have reasonable expectations. Developing a successful online presence and business takes a lot of energy, time, and resources.

Students study a legal business model in the course. Google and Facebook ads are not as simple as they seem. You shouldn't take the course if you don't want to commit to it over the long term. 


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