Recently Added WhatsApp feature will let you mute a chat forever

WhatsApp has made a lot of changes to its mobile app this year. This includes the addition of the dark mode and increase in the number of participants in a group video call. Also, some loads of significant changes have been made to WhatsApp lately. One of the recently added features will be very helpful specially to help you mute a chat forever.

Recently Added WhatsApp feature will let you mute a chat forever

There are three basic changes added to WhatsApp lately. These comprise of the new storage tool which could help you take charge of your storage and free-up your device memory easily. The other let you set a separate wallpaper for every chat. This will prevent you from sending/forwarding a chat to the wrong person. Also, you can now mute a chat forever.

Meanwhile, these features were first rolled-out to WhatsApp better users.

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Recently Added WhatsApp Features

New Storage Tool

If WhatsApp is taking up your storage space, then you need not complain about it any longer. WhatsApp launched a new storage tool to help you free up your device memory.  You can easily see a breakdown of all your chats, including all messages, photos, GIFs and videos arranged as thumbnails.

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To find and use the tool, launch WhatsApp and go to Settings >> Storage and data >> Manage storage. You will find all chats taking up your storage. The upside of this update is the highlighting of larger files and duplicate photos found in your back-up.

A Separate Wallpaper for Every Chat

WhatsApp now allows users to set a custom wallpaper design for different chats. This looks fancy and makes your chat environment more pretty. But, other than that, it can be very useful in recognizing a chat from the other. You just need to use each person’s photo as their chat background.

It is very easy to set custom wallpaper on WhatsApp, both on Android and iOS. Apple iPhone users can tap the person or group name above the chat screen to find the Wallpaper And Sound menu. On the other hand, Android users should tap the three-dot icon to the topmost-right corner of the chat screen and see the Wallpaper option.

Mutea Chat Forever

You can now decide on what to do with some annoying folks once and for all. WhatsApp has improved on the mute feature allowing you to silence a contact for life. Prior, the company has only made it possible to mute users for at most, a period not longer than a year.

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Muting chats and groups will help you have more time and focus on those things that matter to you.

To mute a chat, you can swipe the group to the left in the Chats tab on iPhone and tap mute. On Android, you have to hold a chat and select the mute icon displayed above the WhatsApp window screen.

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