Tips to SEO optimize PDF pages

PDF is one of the commonly chosen file formats in academia, government, and business environments. Since 2001, Google started indexing PDFs for the first time. However, without making a keyword-relevant document, you cannot make your PDF optimized for the search engine.

Tips to SEO optimize PDF pages

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Find the best tips to make your PDF SEO-friendly

Text-based content is the best for SEO of your PDF file

Text is more understandable to the search engines than those images. That is why you can try to avoid adding only images to create the PDF file. When your PDF has several PPT slides and scanned documents, this file will not send signals to the engine.

Include the right links-

External and internal links affect rankings, and thus, by adding links to the PDF file, you can make it SEO-friendly.

Do not write the copied content-

The search engine never likes duplicate content. There is no problem when your website and PDF files have no different information. However, you have to mention the version to be identified by users.

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Choose a filename filled with keywords-

You may have tried to publish your PDF online, and thus its filename constitutes the URL. You need to choose a filename related to keywords. Make the filename meaningful to the PDF viewer and your company. By optimizing the PDF file name, you will let the engines understand the content of your document.

Customized different document properties-

One of the major SEO elements is metadata, and you can control it easily. The keyword-filled descriptions and titles are parts of the metadata of every webpage. Similarly, title tags are relevant to PDFs. You can edit your PDF metadata and other properties using a simple tool, like

Tips to SEO optimize PDF pages

Write unique and high-quality content-

Content quality is one of the important factors while creating SEO-friendly PDF files. You may add the PDF version of your website content. However, make sure that you have composed easily readable content for your readers and search bots. Use a few images, links, keywords, and title tags for the content.

Make your PDF file size smaller-

The big file size is one of the major reasons for which your PDF does not rank high. That is why you have to publish small PDFs for your purpose. Readers will avoid reading the content when the file needs much time to open. Moreover, the search engines also do not like big files with a slow loading time. Thus, file size compression is one of the easy ways to make your PDF SEO-friendly.

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But, how do you manage your PDF file?

You can use the, to compress your file. This software also helps in cutting a few pages of your file and deleting them. You may reorganize the chosen PDF pages and create a new file. It is a versatile digital tool to crop, flatten, resize, and repair PDF files. Besides, you can protect your PDF with passwords. Do anything for your PDF file using the user-friendly tool.

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