Welcome Home ARG Explained

Welcome Home ARG is a web series and horror website that revolves around a mysterious 90s children’s television show. The Welcome Home Restoration Project, a group of anonymous individuals, is dedicated to reviving the memory of the show by gathering, repairing, and storing its remaining artefacts.

Welcome Home ARG Explained

What makes Welcome Home ARG unique is its incorporation of analogue horror, where videos go viral, and the use of hidden text, scrambled messages, and invisible messages that make the experience more interactive and eerie. If you want to know how to play the game and discover its secrets, read on.

What is Welcome Home ARG?

Welcome Home ARG is a horror website and project that centres around the mystery of a beloved 90s children’s television show. Created by an individual known as Clown, the website appears to be an attempt to restore and archive the show that was abruptly pulled from the air in 1974.

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The website welcomes visitors to the neighbourhood and invites them to explore the world of the show, which was supposedly well-received during its run time. However, the studio pulled all merchandise and possibly destroyed the footage, leaving fans with a sense of loss and a lingering question: what happened to the show?

The Welcome Home Restoration Project aims to answer this question by collecting all the remaining artifacts of the show and sharing them on the website. However, the project is not just about reviving a lost TV show; it has an eerie twist that sets it apart from other ARGs.

Welcome Home ARG Explained

How to Play Welcome Home ARG

Playing the game requires a visit to the Clown Illustration website, where you can explore the site by clicking on links and inspecting different pages. The website contains several hidden secrets and Easter eggs that make the experience more interactive and creepy.

One of the most notable Easter eggs is the GIF of an eerie-looking house that appears on the clownillustration.com/ywxoev URL. The website also features a character called Wally's house, which has eyes that peek out of the window, and a gaping black hole beneath it that has a URL reading “So Below.” To uncover more secrets, you need to dig deeper into the website and pay attention to hidden text and messages.

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Secrets in Welcome Home ARG

The Welcome Home Restoration Project has incorporated several hidden features and eerie details that make this ARG unique and terrifying. One of the most unsettling features is the FAQ page, where you can find questions and answers that appear eerie and uncanny.

For instance, when asked why the website was created, the response includes highlighted text that reads, “When I unwrap the first letter, I felt it. I heard it open, open, open. I want it out. I'm going to get it out.” This response creates a sense of unease and suggests that there is more to the story than just restoring a lost TV show.

Similarly, when asked about the research into the lost show, there is hidden white text at the end of the paragraph that reads, “But it hurts.” These hidden messages hint at a darker side of the project and imply that there may be a hidden agenda behind it.


Welcome Home ARG is a unique horror game that combines elements of a lost media mystery with eerie hidden messages and secrets. Created by Clown and the Welcome Home Restoration Project, the game has gained popularity in recent years thanks to YouTubers like LoeyLane, Inside A Mind, and Night Mind. To play the game, visit the Clown Illustration website and explore the site to uncover hidden secrets and solve the mystery of Welcome Home.

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Playing Welcome Home ARG requires exploring the website and paying attention to hidden text and messages. The website’s incorporation of analogue horror and Easter eggs makes it more interactive and terrifying. If you’re a fan of horror and mystery, Welcome Home ARG is a must-try experience.