4 Tricks of Using Travel App to Avoid Flight Cancellation

The hold of COVID-19 on the travel sectors seems long gone and no longer seems to worry travellers anymore. While we seem to be inching closer towards normalcy, the tourism sector is struggling to cope with this high demand, leading to risks of cancelling flights or overbooking them.

4 Tricks of Using Travel App to Avoid Flight Cancellation

Travel apps and OTAs like Wego make booking cheap flights and hotels for your trips much more convenient, along with minimising cancellation risks. Here are 4 tricks for using travel apps to avoid flight cancellation

Book flexible tickets

Airlines generally have flexi-tickets or flexible booking options, which give you protection in case your flight is cancelled or rescheduled, without any penalty charges. They are slightly more expensive than economy seats, but come with added advantages such as more baggage allowance and a full ticket refund, enabling you to change travel dates with no extra cost.

Cut pre-travel costs

When you want to make the best of your trip while being confident with your bookings, it is always advisable to reduce the burden by going for your pre-travel expenses as much as you can. Look out for cheap hotels and flight bookings, and opt for entry-free attractions on your trip.

Check the cancellation policy

Each airline has its own cancellation policy that entitles you to a complete refund in case your flight gets cancelled. Before booking your tickets, carefully review your airline's ticket cancellation policy. In most cases, you can cancel the ticket and get a refund even if your flight is not cancelled if it falls under the fare conditions.

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Get travel insurance add-on

Travel insurance will save you a great deal of money from risks such as medical, cancellation and baggage insurance. Travel apps have the feature to buy insurance along with flight bookings. Shed a little extra money to save more in an emergency.