Best PPC Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

Most of the time, people get stuck when deciding which pay per click marketing website to join. However, on this guide, I have made a shortlist of the best PPC Marketing websites to make money online.

Best PPC Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing lets you monetize a website by placing strategic adverts and earn from the clicks that you get on the ads. It is a way through which content owners can earn online. You can earn from blogging through website monetization. There are a lot of ways to monetize a blog. The most popularly used method is PPC marketing. Others are PPV marketing, affiliate marketing, and sponsored post-marketing.

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There are lots of websites to join for PPC marketing. However, only a few will actually help you earn better. The most popular on the list include Google AdSense – Google’s advertising network and – for Bing contextual ad network. There are more CPC websites than just those two. As a matter of fact, there are over one hundred and fifty PPC websites on the internet.

Adverts can be displayed in different forms. It may come as banners (usually of different sizes), links, and videos. This ad gets you money when it gets clicked.

PPC, unlike PPV, will help you earn better, especially if you don't have lots of traffic to your website. However, you may need to enrol for both programs and measure which one works better for you.

Now, let’s quickly look at the best PPC Marketing websites to make money online.

Best PPC Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is so far the leading and the most popular PPC marketing website. It is owned and maintained by Google. It lets publishers earn money by placing ads on their websites and mobile sites. App publishers can also monetize their apps through the platform.

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Google AdSense offers good rates to publishers though CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression). It pays its publishers who have reached a threshold of $100 every month.

Although, Google Adsense remains the best choice, getting Adsense approval is what many people find difficult. Also, CPC rates vary per keywords but you can earn pretty well writing on a good niche. has access to the world’s largest group of advertisers. It helps publishers to maximize their earnings by enrolling in its contextual ad network. It is often considered as the best competitor of Google AdSense. ads are said to be reaching over 100 million desktop users. People who have used have written reviews about it across the internet.


Infolinks makes use of smart ads. The smart ads consist of various ad formats including video and native ads. This kind of ad is displayed on your blog and you make money.

Infolinks helps publishers to generate better revenue by providing new revenue opportunities for publishers. Payments are made on the platform once a publisher reaches a threshold of $50. Also, payments are made via PayPal and checks.

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Chitika helps deliver Develops real-time ads to your website thus, making your campaigns have better value. It is based on a technology that helps in serving ads that matters helping to strike a balance between publishers and businesses. It works in a similar way to AdSense.


Clicksor helps to increase the publisher’s revenue by offering them the most relevant and highest converting ads to display on their website thus, makes earning better and easier.

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It also has its referral program that works just like an affiliate. Successful referrals of advertisers or publishers from publishers will get them an additional 10% of their income.

The minimum payout on the platform is $20 and made through PayPal.

Google Feedburner

Google Feedburner is a web feed management system acquired by Google in 2007. It works well Google AdSense if properly implemented.


SpeedyAds Publishers offers Pay Per Click advertising program. Advertisers display ads on the platform through search engines and partner websites. Publishers are allowed to display ads from advertisers and make money with their contents.

One of the most beautiful features of SpeedyAds is that you can use earnings made from clicks to their ads to run advertising campaigns too.

Best PPC Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

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Here is the end of this post on the best PPC marketing websites to make money online. If you have found this post helpful, kindly leave a comment below and remember to share the post with friends.


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