Best PPV Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

PPV (pay per view) marketing lets you make money online on your blog based on the number of views you get to their ad. In this discussion, we will be looking at the best PPV marketing websites to make money online.

Best PPV Marketing Websites to Make Money Online

Pay Per View Marketing

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One of the most popular ways of monetizing web contents is by adverts marketing. Adverts marketing can be further divided into PPC (pay per click), PPV (pay per view) and affiliate marketing.

In the past, we have created topics on PPC marketing and affiliate marketing. Now is the best time to move ahead with our discussion on PPV marketing.

Like you would suggest, pay per view marketing is very similar to pay per click marketing – except that the click is being replaced with views.

When you taking part in pay per view marketing, you need to take note that the views to your page are the most important factor that decides your earnings.

In fact, one of the other factors that may affect your earnings (positively or negatively) is the country where you receive your views. It does counts for some marketers while some does not give it a priority.

Don’t get me wrong when I said your earnings depend on the views. The views being referred to here is not just the views to your website but, the views to your blog that got the ad displayed to them.

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Although, PPV rates at most times are generally lower than PPC rates. What you would earn with few clicks might take you numerous views in PPV marketing.

Now, let’s quickly look at the best PPV marketing websites to make money online.

Best PPV Marketing Websites to Make Money Online


Adsella is a marketplace or a community for ad buyers and sellers. It allows you to buy or sell ad space as the case may be. Adsella is a better alternative in case you are declined by BuySellAds.

Advertiise is one of the largest advertising platforms for buying and selling ad spaces and opportunities.


BidVertiser is an online advertising medium that offers targeted advertising solutions. Advertisers and agencies get connected to publishers easily. However, as a publisher, you can choose to display ads on any of your sites. Webmasters can make money online just by displaying text ads from BidVertiser on their site.

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Blogads is an online ad network that offers advertising services to bloggers and advertisers. A blogger averagely makes $50 – $5000/month based on the traffic they receive.

BlogHer is an online blog advertising network where bloggers can make money just by displaying ads on their blog.

BuySellAds is an online advertising network which builds advertising solutions for their clients (publishers and advertisers). Publishers can earn money by selling ad space at their own rates.

Direct CPV is an online marketing platform that offers pay per view advertising. Its online marketing ad campaigns pricing begins at $100.

IndustryBrains is a platform that provides unique advertising and monetization services for their clients (advertisers and publishers). They place relevant contextual text and graphical ads on publishers site.

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Propel Media is a contextual text link and display advertising platform. It helps advertisers meet their target by hooking them up with relevant publishers.

Conversant media

Conversant media is a leader in personalized digital marketing that helps connecting publishers, audiences and brands helping all parties maximize their revenues. App developers can also join their monetization scheme.

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media offers leadership scheme in contextual marketing. It helps in empowering advertisers as well as publishers with their contextual based advertisements.

Yes Advertising is a more or less like an affiliate network which brings advisers and publishers together for promotions although, part of their service is rendering of contextual ads through which bloggers can make money by displaying relevant ads.

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Finally, we have come to the end of this discussion on the best PPV marketing websites to make money online. We hoped that you find them helpful in monetizing your blog with PPV marketing.

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