Gorlock the Destroyer Meme

In this article, we'll take a look into the origins, context and the person behind the Gorlock the Destroyer meme.

Gorlock the Destroyer Meme

Internet memes have the ability to grab our attention, make us laugh and sometimes even create controversies. One meme that has really captivated people online is the “Gorlock the Destroyer” meme.

It's an image showing an overweight person surrounded by a group of women in a podcast setting. This meme became incredibly popular and went viral across the internet.

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Who is Gorlock the Destroyer?

Gorlock the Destroyer is a nickname given to Ali C. Lopez. From Arizona, Ali has made her mark in the world of media. Starting off as a man, Ali later embraced herself and transitioned into a woman, fully embracing her identity as a transgender woman.

With a passion for fashion, Ali stands out with her appearance and personal style, which led to the nickname “Gorlock the Destroyer.” Her online presence is impressive, with over 40k followers on Instagram (@al.weeezy) and 200k followers on TikTok (@al.weeezy), where she is recognized as a TikTok Star. Furthermore, she has also ventured into Cameo, showcasing her persona.

The origin of nicknames such as “Gorlock the Destroyer” can be traced back to a post on 4Chan titled “Dra'nakyuek, Destroyer of Worlds.” This post included a picture of three girls dressed in silk outfits. One girl stood out because of her unique appearance. The user on 4Chan gave this individual the nickname “Dra'nakyuek”, drawing comparisons to bosses in video games like Skyrim, Final Fantasy and Star Wars.

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How did Gorlock the Destroyer Meme Started?

The meme started off on 4Chans imageboards. However, it didn't take time for it to go viral and make its way into popular social media platforms. The meme's rise in popularity can be traced to episode #69 of the Whatever podcast.

In this particular episode titled “RAGEQUIT KEEKO, vs. CHASE! Round 2! FIGHT! | Dating Talk #69” featured Ali C. Lopez as a guest. Her introduction and perspective on transgenderism played a role in making the meme go viral.

How did Gorlock the Destroyer Meme Started

A tweet by user @RichardRatBoy1 that said,

“Been enjoying this podcast. Great takes from Ashley, Rachel, Gorlock the Destroyer and Tiffany”.

The tweet garnered over 14 million views and 150k likes. As the meme started getting popular, people found Ali's unique looks interesting and funny.

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Ali C. Lopez uses her Instagram account (@al.weeezy) and TikTok account (@al.weeezy) as platforms to express her individuality. She shares a variety of content, including fashion exploration and personal stories, allowing her followers to get a glimpse into her life and creating a connection that goes beyond memes.