How to Write a Standout Cover Letter in 2022?

How to Write a Standout Cover Letter in 2022?

Whether you’re applying for your first job, going for an internship, or joining a local NGO, they will likely ask you for a cover letter. Submitting a cover letter alongside your resume has become something of a given in recent years. 

According to published data, 83% of employers and recruiters consider cover letters an important part of their decision-making process when hiring is concerned. Let’s take a closer look at how you can write a standout cover letter that will help you differentiate your application from others and get hired for the position.

What Does a Cover Letter Do?

A cover letter is a supplementary document you’ll have to submit alongside your resume. They’re often required by employers and recruiters who want to learn more about their candidates before shortlisting them. Here’s why writing a cover letter is a big deal and why you should do it properly:

  • It explains your professional motivation and aspirations
  • It showcases your writing and presentation skills
  • It humanizes your application
  • It can help fill the gaps in your resume

No matter whether you apply for a position in digital marketing, sales, hospitality, or any other industry, a cover letter will most likely be mandatory. If you think you can't write a good cover letter yourself, you can always ask GrabMyEssay and get help from a professional writer online. Do not avoid submitting a cover letter outright, however, as it can cost you a position you were looking forward to.

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Present your Reasons for Applying

Your cover letter should always answer the question of “why” you’re applying for the vacancy. Whether it’s a volunteering position or a senior one, employers and recruiters will want to know why you’re applying. You should keep your sentences short and get to the point of why you’ve applied as quickly as possible after you’ve formally introduced yourself. Keep your cover letter short and sweet, and your interviewers will appreciate that.

Don’t Repeat the Information from your Resume

Given that cover letters are supplementary materials to resumes, you shouldn’t simply rephrase and repeat the same information twice. Instead, use your cover letter to detail who “you” are underneath the skills, expertise, and degrees you’ve listed. This will help the employer get the whole picture of who you are and gauge how well you’d fit into their staff more easily.

Proofread and Format Your Cover Letter

The cover letter you submit alongside your resume will speak volumes about your writing skills. You need to ensure that no glaring grammar errors or formatting mistakes are present throughout. Take the time to read your cover letter to gauge its flow and reformat it if necessary. You should spot the occasional mistake or two before submitting your application rather than spotting them after the fact – always proofread and format your writing.

Don’t Submit the Same Cover Letter Twice

You should never submit the same cover letter to two different companies. This is because every employer will inherently require you to take a unique approach to writing your cover letter concerning the vacancy. No two jobs are ever alike, even if they contain the same responsibilities and requirements from the listing’s perspective. Always take the time to write a new cover letter when applying for a new opening for the best results.

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Writing a Standout Cover Letter in 2022

When you approach writing your cover letter, you need to understand its role and how it can complement your resume. That’s why you should consider how you can contribute to their company, what you’re bringing to the table, and how they can benefit by having you. Understanding that will help you write a standout cover letter and ultimately land the job or internship you want.