How Google can help you keep your passwords safe and secure

In order to protect and help Google users secure their saved passwords, Google announced through its Safety and Security blog, the new extension for its Google Chrome browser to help users identify if their account has been compromised and prompted them to change the password of the account.

How Google can help you keep your passwords safe and secure

This development was announced earlier this year among other new interesting features such as password security added to the Google Chrome browser.

It is made known that this password checkup feature scans all the saved passwords and recommends the necessary actions to better secure all passwords and account associated.

Below are the requirements to take advantage of this password security feature.


  • An active Google account.
  • Working internet connectivity
  • Sync must be activated on the Chrome browser.

Steps to keep your passwords safe and secure

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  • After this, navigate to the Security section and click on Get Started to activate the service on the page. Note that you will be shown the list of all the previously saved passwords associated with your Google Account.

check passwords button

  • Now, you can click on Check passwords. This will send you to a page with Check Passwords Button,
  • Click on the Check Passwords Button from above. You should be prompted to enter your Google account password again for proper verification.

How Google can help you keep your passwords safe and secure

  • When you are done with this step, Google will then analyze all your saved passwords and categorize them differently as either compromised, reused or weak. In addition to this, a list of accounts that have similar passwords will also be revealed.

check passwords button

  • Finally, consider clicking on the down arrow button to reveal the list of all accounts that may require password change and then click on the Change Password button. You will then be redirected to the website and be required to change the password.
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