How to Add Special Effects to Instagram Messages

In this post, you will be learning how to add special effects to Instagram messages and use quick replies on Instagram.

How to Add Special Effects to Instagram Messages and use quick replies on instagram

Lately, there have been amazing special effects to be used in Instagram DMs. This is followed by a recent software update that saw Facebook merged Messenger with Instagram DMs. Ever since, pretty new features have been seen in Instagram DMs.

Some of the new features are vanishing mode, custom emoji reactions, ability to set up a custom chat colour, and many more. You can easily add these special effects in Instagram DMs anytime you reply or send a new message.

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How to Add Special Effects to Instagram Messages

  1. First, ensure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your phone. Check Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS devices if there is any update available.
  2. Now, proceed to start a chat on Instagram and type a message.
  3. Find and tap the magnifier located to the left of the screen and next to the text entry field. There, you can find up to four new effects.
  4. Select any effect you like to use and see how it look when you send.
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One of the amazing features that came with Instagram now is the quick replies feature. This lets you easily save messages that you can use later as quick replies.

How to Use Quick Replies on Instagram

To use quick replies, kindly follow the process highlighted below.

  1. You can either save a message you have sent or received to be used for quick replies.
  2. If you have sent a message and you’ll like to save, long-press on the message and tap Save. Further, assign a shortcut for the message and Save.
  3. However, for a received message, you need to long-press and tap More, then Save. Now, assign a shortcut command for the message and save.
  4. Further, anytime you intend to send a quick reply, you can easily use the shortcut you have assigned rather than typing again.
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With the special effects and quick replies on Instagram, you can be sure that you are in charge of your DM.

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