How To Buy Goods Online On Jumia

Shopping online is something many buyers don't know how to do. In this post, you will be how to buy goods online on Jumia.

Imagine you’ve just found amazing discounts on products such as the yearly Jumia Black Friday Offer where products were given amazing discounts but you do not know how to place an order. What are you going to do next time when such an offer comes your way? Will you just let the promo waste again because you don’t know how to order/buy things online? Don’t worry, this article will give all you need to know to buy things online on Jumia without seeking any further help.

How To Buy Goods Online On Jumia

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How to Buy Goods Online on Jumia

For the purpose of those who are new to this so-called online buying or shopping, here is a simple and quick guide for you.

To successfully purchase an item on Jumia is pretty much simple, it basically requires four easy steps which are; log in, add a delivery address, choose delivery method and make payment.
To start,
  • Visit Jumia shopping website or install the Jumia app.
  • Select/search for the product of your choice.
  • Click on Purchase product and it automatically adds your product to CART. (This looks like a shopping basket and usually placed at the top right corner of the website)
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After your item has been added, then you move to the next step.


Login to Jumia using whichever platform you use during registration. (I normally login using Facebook)

Add a delivery Address

Insert a Billing/Delivery address where necessary. (Make sure it is a valid residential/office address). Also, a phone number is highly needed, very important for verifying your orders. You will receive a call from a Jumia representative a couple of hours after you have placed a certain order.

Choose delivery method

Here is where you should select the mode you want that product/goods to be delivered to you and is further subdivided into two.
  • Regular shipping; deals with shipping the desired product to a specific shipping address, they deliver within 1-4 working days depending on the distance of your home/office address.
  • Pickup Stations; this is usually advisable for those of you living in areas where Jumia has a pickup station, it is also fast and reliable. I personally prefer this method cause I could get my ordered goods on my own chosen date, time and most importantly its cash on pickup.

Please note that the regular shipping cost is usually more expensive than using pickup station delivery.

Make payment

This is the final step where you shall specify the mode of payment for the goods you ordered for, Jumia accepts two methods of payment.

Cash on delivery

This is very useful in our Nigerian market today, there are a whole lot of internet scams and that alone has killed the trust in online buying and selling. This is why Jumia is the leading online store in Nigeria. It offers you the total control over your orders, you chose when to pay with pay on delivery when the products arrive at your doorstep or pickup station where you can physically review it and then pay the cash. Be sure to have the exact amount of the product cause the delivery men do not carry petty cash”

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Credit Cards

They accept Nigerian Naira and local credit cards including VISA and MASTER CARDS. Below the Browser, you will find a BACK & NEXT/CONFIRM button that helps you toggle while shopping. Remember to insert coupon code where necessary. Hit CONFIRM when you are done.

How To Buy Goods Online On Jumia

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With this short and explanatory guide on how to buy goods online on Jumia, I believe that you won't face any difficulty in buying goods online from Jumia. If any further questions or enquiry, don't hesitate to ask through the comment box below.


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