How to Compress Photo Sizes on PC

In this post, you will be learning how to compress photo sizes on PC.

How to Compress Photo Sizes on PC

Nowadays, most people are used to taking pictures using smartphones. However, most of these smartphones come with good cameras but also has their limitations – shots taken are usually very large in size and will take up the memory space. Besides, such pictures may not fit to be used when filling out forms online. Most online websites usually specify a maximum file size a user can upload which at most times, is way too low when compared to image shots fired with our devices.

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If you would like to learn how to reduce the size of your photo using a PC, then you should follow the instructions below.


  1. A PC
  2. Paint program on Windows or Photoshop.

How to Compress Photo Sizes on PC Using Paint

  1. Launch the Paint program on Windows from all programs or by using the search tool. Paint is auto-installed on all versions of Windows OS.
  2. You can now load the image by clicking File, then click Open and select an image file from the storage. Another faster way is to open File Explorer, locate and right-click the image and click Edit. It takes you directly to the Paint program.
  3. From the menu option, click Resize and choose a lower percentage or pixel. As you reduce the size, press Ctrl key + S to save on the go and the new size will show below the page. You can resize repeatedly until you have the required size needed. Also, you can use Save as to save a new copy.
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How to Compress Photo Sizes on PC Using Photoshop

  1. Download and install any version of Photoshop on your PC and launch.
  2. After this, click Open to select a photo you want to resize.
  3. Open the image file and select Save for web. A pop-up is displayed on your screen which will allow you to resize. Now, resize to a smaller dimension and you can also set the storage quality as JPG Medium.
  4. Click Save and check the new file size from the File Explorer. If the size is still more than required, then you need to repeat the process more times.
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