How to Enable Smart Charge on Huawei Devices

Do you own a Huawei device and would like to boost your battery when charging? Here, you will be learning how to enable smart charge on Huawei devices.

How to Enable Smart Charge on Huawei Devices

The smart charge is a feature which when enabled, preserves your battery health by controlling how it charges and minimize battery consumption to avoid draining excessively. It does not necessarily fast charge your device at all times, but rather studies your routine and adapt to it.

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Many brands have since, included the smart charge feature on their mobile devices. However, it seems the popular phone makers including Huawei, Samsung, and iPhone are not really interested in this feature even though their users want it.

Although, the feature was rolled out recently on Huawei and Honor devices in China. Ever since then, the company has started expanding the feature to other global models through a software update that started in India.

If you would like to activate the smart charge mode on your Huawei device, kindly follow the simple instructions below.

How to Enable Smart Charge on Huawei Devices

How to Enable Smart Charge on Huawei Devices

Enabling smart charges on Huawei devices requires that you upgrade your device to the latest EMUI software update.

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How to Upgrade Huawei EMUI

  1. Get your Huawei device and go to Settings.
  2. Select System then, choose Software Update.
  3. Further, select Check for updates.
  4. Now, download and install the update. After successful installation, you can now apply the settings below.

How to Activate Smart Charge

  1. After updating your device, you will need to restart your device to proceed.
  2. After, go to Settings, then select Battery.
  3. Further, tap More Battery Settings then toggle to enable the smart charge feature.

Note: The Huawei EMUI software update availability depends on your region or country and the device type of Huawei device model you use.

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