How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number

Did you just lose or misplaced a smartphone and you are probably looking for a way to find the device? In this discussion, I will be explaining how you can find your lost Android phone using IMEI number.

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number

The IMEI – International Mobile Equipment Identity Number of your phone is its unique serial number which could help you find your Lost Android phone it's lost.

Checking your IMEI number is easy. I'll advise that you keep your IMEI number written in a safe place if you are only reading this for safety purpose. If however, you have lost your phone and you don't have a copy of your IMEI, check your Google Dashboard for a record of it.

If you have your IMEI ready, you can now proceed to the steps below.

Find your Lost Android phone using IMEI number

  1. In your Android phone, start from Settings then, to Location and toggle and leave it on always.
  2. Leave the data connection on and enable mobile data (always leave on too).
  3. Continue and login to Google Dashboard when you misplace or lose your phone.
  4. When you are logged in, the Dashboard will contact your phone using the IMEI, show you a map and an address where the phone is presently at.
  5. Once Google Dashboard has located your phone, it gives you the option to call, lock or erase it.
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With the address supplied, you can proceed to start finding your phone.

In case your phone was stolen and do not care to find it, you can lock or wipe it to avoid data been misused. If you have only misplaced your phone, you can use the Ring option to call the phone and trace it around the room or any other place where you have probably left it.

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