How to Identify Hacked iPhone and Android Smartphones

In this post, you will be learning how to identify hacked iPhone and Android Smartphones.

How to Identify Hacked iPhone and Android Smartphones

Hacking mobile devices are very common nowadays. Hackers have found out that most people use a smartphone than a PC, hence the rise in mobile cybercrime. Access into phones by hackers usually happens when the victim connects their device to a free/public or compromised Wi-Fi.

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iPhones are not easy to hack, unlike Android devices because of the first-class security employed by the Apple OS. However, if your phone has been jailbroken, nothing is impossible.

Android devices also usually get infected by downloading or installing malware on them.

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Here are some ways to check if your device is under attack.

How to Identify Hacked iPhone Device

On your iPhone, possible signs that your phone is hacked are;

Slows performance, receiving or sending strange text messages, getting new apps installed on your device without your knowledge, battery drains out too quickly, the device gets hot than normal, apps not working properly, increased data usage, ad popups and more.

How to Identify Hacked Android Device

A hacked Android phone may retrieve contacts, call logs and messages and all their information, track location using GPS, monitor sent and received messages, capture images using the camera, stream microphone sound and videos, send SMS and make calls, open a web page, make the phone vibrate and more.

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