How to Set Up Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog

Search engine optimization for a WordPress Blog is a way of getting your blog ready to be indexed and your posts to be displayed across search engines. In this discussion, you will be learning focus on how to set up search engine optimization for WordPress blog.

How to Set Up Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog

Popular search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. delivers content from blogs to their users when they search a keyword related to such content. Each of the search engines has its own algorithm through which it decides which blog or website comes out when a particular keyword is searched for.

The algorithm decides which website comes first, second, and so on, during a search and also, decides whether a website shows on the first page of the searched result. Which means that there is high competition between websites writing articles for search engines.

Besides, you must ensure you understand the search engines algorithms through which they rank websites and prepare your website to meet up with the algorithm. This will definitely give your website an upper hand by having most of your articles on the first page at least, if not at the first position.

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Now, let's proceed with the process involved by going into details.

How to Set Up Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog

Process Involved

  1. Adding your website to Search Engine Consoles.
  2. Submitting your website sitemap
  3. Installing and Configuring an SEO Plugin (Yoast Premium recommended)
  4. Configuring Yoast for every post you write before publishing

Add Your Website to Search Engine Consoles

Add Your Website to Search Engine Consoles


The very first step to set up your SEO is by adding your website to the search engine in question. Like for example, let’s say you want to add your website to Google Search Engine, what you should do at first is to add your website to Google Webmaster Console through

When the page loads, you need to sign up with a valid Gmail address and add a property. Your blog is the property and to add it, you only need to submit your website URL. You then, need to confirm the property you just added. This will tell Google that you actually own the property. Details on how to go about that have been provided.

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Submit Your Website Sitemap

Submit Your Website Sitemap

After property verification, the next thing to do is add a sitemap, the process of creating a sitemap has also been discussed. You can read it up from the page to save us time. To add a sitemap to Google Webmaster Console, open the property you have just added from your list of properties, you will be taken to an overview page.

From the overview page, find the sitemap tab on the left side of your screen. When the page loads, find add a new sitemap link and enter ”sitemap_index.xml” (without “ ”) into the text-area shown. After this, click on submit. This action shows that you have successfully submitted your website sitemap and you have made it ready to be indexed.

Now that you have successfully added your website to search engine console, let’s proceed to the next step.

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Install and Configure an SEO PluginHow to Set up Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog

The next thing you should do now is to install an SEO plugin. For the purpose of this tutorial, I recommend Yoast Premium SEO plugin due to its numerous function. It makes setting up SEO a very easy job for WordPress users who use the plugin.

Some out of the numerous function of the Yoast Premium Plugin are keyword suggestions (suggests up to 5 keywords for every article you write based on your most frequently use keyword), related articles link suggestion (suggest internal posts that are related to the current article you are writing so that you can easily link your pages), setting up of every page to meet up with search engine algorithm.

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However, we have discussed the uses of the Yoast Premium Plugin on this page. I will advise that you read up from there. Yoast Premium Plugin is not free; it comes for a fee. In the meantime, if you can’t afford the premium version, you should consider using the free version made available on the plugin page of your WordPress dashboard.

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After installation and activation, click on Yoast from the left-hand side on your screen. Find the configuration wizard and open. You will be required to enter some details about your blog and you as the author. Continue using the next button until you can see the done link.

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If you have done this step during the property verification as explained here, then you can skip to the next step.

Configure The SEO Plugin

Configure The SEO Plugin

For every post you publish now, you must provide the SEO details. At the editor panel, the SEO details submitting option will be provided by the Yoast plugin you have installed. You need to give the SEO title and a little description to display for your posts on the search engine result pages.

While still learning to set up search engine optimization for your WordPress blog, remember to check your progress using the top 3 apps necessary for your blog.

Yoast will also provide keyword writing option. With this, you will be able to add keywords you want the article you are writing or have written to rank for. If you are not sure of what to use as the keyword, check the keyword suggestion provided by Yoast. Add internal links from a bunch of suggested internal links from Yoast.

Also, you can measure the readability and SEO scores of the article you are writing right from your editor panel. I am sure you can also see the reason why I prefer the Yoast SEO Premium plugin. Although the free version doesn’t have all these features, you can manage for the moment till you could afford it.

These are my tips on how to Setup Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog, I hope that you really understand what we’ve discussed and been able to apply it when you are in need.

How to Setup Search Engine Optimization for WordPress Blog

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You can also check how to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest. Further, in case of any question(s), feel free to use the comment box.

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