How Website Development Companies find Projects

If you own or work in a website development company and find it challenging to find projects at the moment, I need you to understand first that it is a normal thing that happens to almost everyone in the business. However, this discussion will address how website development companies find projects and reduce no work scenarios to its minimum.

To start with, what is a website development and what does website development companies do?

What is Website Development?

how website development companies find projects

When you talk about building and managing websites on the web, then you are talking about website development. Website development is the art of designing/managing websites through the aid of various programming languages such as HTML, SQL, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, and numerous others.

Getting started with web development, a developer must have basic knowledge of at least, some of those programming languages earlier mentioned except he considers ready-made templates design for websites he develops.

Websites like WordPress and Blogger allows users to easily use designs often referred to as themes for websites.  Although, such themes must have been designed by an expert developer who really understands the code!

A website development company is either owned by a web developer or by someone who hires web developers to do the job and get them paid. In either case, getting the projects done is usually not the problem, getting the projects is!

Next, we discuss tips that would help your company as a web developer find projects easily even when your competitors are also complaining.

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How do Website Development Companies find Projects?

How Website Development Companies find Projects

1. Be known and build a good reputation

Make sure your business brand is known physically and, on the world, wide web. This including getting a physical office in a healthy environment.

It also includes getting an amazing but simple logo to represent your brand, getting an amazing website for the company and ensure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is properly put in place for the website to make it appear on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing when people search for such companies. Ensure your website is eye-catchy and truly represent what you do.

Additionally, you need to build a social media presence for the business. Let people find you on popular social networks if not all and grow your engagements. Considering the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter won't be a bad idea. Also, remember to grow your engagements on social media accounts you own. Most people don't trust or may not have an interest in a brand with few likes or few follows on social media.

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Also, post tips, completed works, and testimonies from clients on your website regularly and share them on your social media accounts. This makes new clients coming on board to trust and develop an interest in the brand.

Finally, consider running Adverts to your website on popular search engines and social media. Doing this helps you book a good spot on search results where people searching for keywords related to your interest use any of the engines.

Social media websites also filter their users and serve your adverts to only people of interest. The power of social media marketing can never be undermined because of its high conversion rates especially when adverts are handled by an expert manager.

2. Monitor job boards and marketplaces regularly

There are lots of billboards and market places where potential clients post jobs expecting some expert to take it up from them. Some of the popular ones are Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and Guru.

To make things better by securing more work, you can consider having a profile with some of those popular marketplaces. This, coupled with the first step of this discussion, will help you get more web development jobs easily from clients looking around.

Further, make your profile highly detailed and explanatory, highlight all the skills and experience you have from past projects and don't forget to enlist some of the previous projects you have worked on successfully.

Testimony from happy clients too will help boost your appearance. Besides, you can check up successful profiles on those marketplaces to get more ideas on what is expected of yours too.

Finally, be available and ready to write proposals when a client pops-in.

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3. Cold mails

Get the email address of potential customers and send them a cold email. Ensure such mails are catchy and convincing enough to make them read until the end.

A good question you might want to ask now is how do you get emails of clients? I will advise you have a contact form or a newsletter form, possible as a pop-up on your website where visitors are convinced to drop their email address.

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Also, you might consider browsing around social media pages of interest for email addresses and get them a cold mail.

4. Attach Reward

Rewarding your customers will make them come back for more or refer you to a friend or an associate. Consider making a free app as a bonus for a website on some occasions or giving discounts on another.

Rewards can also come in the form of advice, pdf files that could help them manage their websites themselves, free templates, and as well as plugins.

You can always send these gifts through their mail after you must have enforced them to drop their email address on your website before they can download their gift. And this is like killing two birds with a stone!

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5. Referrals and Affiliate Marketing

Ask clients directly to refer you to more people. As long as they are satisfied with the services you render, they would be ready to publicize you when there is someone close who needs your skills. However, you can consider adding some entitlements, gifts, or discounts to it. This will be of great advantage.

You can also run an affiliate marketing program where you accept bloggers and social media influencers to advertise you on their platform and you pay them per referral or conversions, depending on which one brings much profit.

If, however, you find this tasking and time taking, there are good affiliate marketing websites that engage in this. Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale are top affiliate marketing websites you can give a try.

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We have come to the end of this discussion on how website development companies find projects. I hope the tips above help!