Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog

When you are considering creating a blog, there are certain websites that you can consult. They are what is referred to as Blogging websites. Here, I will be considering the best blogging websites to create a blog.

Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog (Review)

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Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog

At a previous discussion, we discussed some things you should know before blogging. In fact, I have discussed how to create a blog yourself with much emphasis on WordPress. One thing I pointed out was that WordPress is not the only blogging website or platform for bloggers. Besides, you can check here for free WordPress themes to use on your blog.

Top Blog Creation Platforms

Some platforms are popularly used around the world based on the services they offer. These Platforms include;


Livejournal discovered in 1999 and founded in Russia, is an online community publishing platform which combines blogging with social networking. It allows creative individuals to publish valuable contents called Journals.

The platform is reported to have housed over 50 million journals and a certain area of interest, ranging from politics, fashion, entertainment, literature, fashion, among others and made up to 80 of the top 100 blogs in Russia.

Bloggers who are creative and passionate mostly consider Livejournal the first choice. Livejournal creates amazing service for journals by offering photo storage, standard publishing tools and templates with the best privacy controls. To get started with Livejournal, visit


When you are talking of a platform which can help you express and discover yourself, you can talk of Tumblr. Tumblr was founded in 2007 and now owned by Verizon Media.

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Tumblr allows you to express yourself writing on what you love. It also made it possible to connect with people while expressing yourself. It allows people to create their blog and choose what to write. You can make stories with words and media files.

As reported, Tumblr has hosted over 460 million blogs and still counting.

To get started with Tumblr, visit and sign-up. is an online blogging website that lets you create your blog with ease. It is an open-source piece of software which is owned and hosted by Automattic. allows you to create your blog selecting from their ready-made themes. In fact, there is no limit to the type of website you can create with Talk of business websites, a portfolio, an educational website, an online store, and other types of websites you can imagine.

What’s better than creating a free website with access to professional themes that can be used and up to 3GB of free storage space? Apart from this, it offers free community support. A free website URL will look like  Blogs created are hosted by

This means that allows you to create your own website as an add-on to its domain. However, there is a limit to what you can do with a free website. To make use of plugins, paid themes and as well as monetization tools, you may need to go for a priced-plan. is a blogging platform that let you create self-hosted blogs. It is somewhat similar to but only for the fact that the blogs are hosted by you and not WordPress.

Besides, there is no restriction regarding the use of plugins, themes and monetization tools. This is why most bloggers and blog designers prefer than the former.

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You would have purchased a domain and signed up for a hosting plan service of your choice before proceeding to use Different domain names extension too can be considered when buying your domain name. gives a good user experience. A blogger can create and modify a blog to suit his/her taste without any restriction.

Very similar to WordPress, Blogger is an open-source software owned and hosted by Google. It allows users to create and manage blogs as they wish.

Blogs created on are hosted on the platform. A free blog created has a URL like Besides, it makes it easy for a website created on the platform to make use of the various Google products without stress.

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Best Blogging Websites to Create a Blog

Here is the end of the post on the best blogging websites to create a blog. I hope that you will be able to create your blog without stress while considering the mentioned blogging websites. In case of any question, feel free to use the comment feature below.


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