Oman jobs for foreigners

If you ever wanted to go work in another country you know that in some countries jobs are poorly paid, poor working conditions, dishonest employers, low wages and many other bad and unpleasant things. And it’s not about working in Oman. Of course, there are bad people everywhere, and bad things can happen everywhere, but in the vast majority of cases, those who work in Oman are satisfied with their work.

Oman is an interesting country with a rich culture, an interesting past and a bright future – the country is actively developing, not only as an oil producer and exporter but also as a developing industry and a vibrant tourist industry. Oman is also a country with “good behaviour”, with a low rate of unemployment and crime, making it a good candidate to work here.

Oman jobs for foreigners

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What work was available in Oman?

Despite the fact that Oman is a country associated with oil, as mentioned earlier, it is actively developing in other areas. Nowadays Oman jobs for foreigners are available not only in the field of oil processing, where it is difficult to obtain it from a foreigner but also in the sphere of service. Examples of vacancies available to foreigners in Oman are:

  • Security guard
  • Clerk
  • Barista
  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Waiter
  • Mechanic
  • Handyman
  • Office boy
  • Truck Driver

… and a lot of other jobs. Despite the conservativeness and religiousness of the countries surrounding Oman, and despite the fact that the country is also religious, not only men but also women are able to work in Oman for the majority of vacancies. There are also a lot of high-paying jobs that require highly qualified specialists, you can always find them on our site.

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What requirements must be met in order to obtain employment in Oman?

Employers in Oman do not ask workers to do anything supernatural. As in the rest of the world, a person who wants to get a job needs to know English, it would be nice to know Arabic too. You also need to have the necessary education and work experience for your area of work.

Having that, you’ll have an advantage over people who don’t have it, and you’ll be more likely to be hired. You’ll also need a contract to be drawn up after an interview and a recommendation from the employer.

Unfortunately, not all types of jobs are available to foreigners, some are open only to local residents, and about two dozen are reserved for them only. There are legitimate reasons for this. But the remaining vacancies in Oman, especially in the hotel and restaurant business, are well available to Omani workers from other countries. And the advantage of service work is that hotels and restaurants of world brands care about their staff and can provide leave, accommodation, food at their own expense, and you don’t have to spend time, energy, nerves and money on it.

What salary would I get if I will work in Oman?

The big advantage of work in Oman is the salary that workers receive here. The official minimum wage here is $845. But in fact, in the vast majority of vacancies, employers offer wages ranging from $1,000 or more. In jobs that require highly skilled workers, wages are even higher. The cost of living here is quite low, and there are no taxes, so you can dispose of your entire salary. Compared to Europe or the US, where taxes are high enough, Oman is a better place to work.

What were the conditions of those working in Oman and how could they find work in Oman?

Working in Oman is a great opportunity to learn about the world, travel, and also earn money. Life here is a little different from life in other countries that are considered very progressive and developed. But they have some common features – for example, foreigners who came to work in Oman have to take care of insurance themselves. It’s necessary because it can be expensive. It’s all in the contract of employment.

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The local population favours migrant workers. Life goes smoothly, documents are taken slowly and people are slowly hired – it is a peculiarity of the mentality of the local population, and you need to respect that.

Anyway, you can find a job in Oman on the Layboard site, where you can find the best jobs in Oman, and employment specialists will help you to find the most suitable area for you. By agreement, employers can pay for a trip and help with the paperwork, which is also very advantageous for the employee.

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We wish you good luck in your search for a job in Oman, and we wish you to find the job you will love and make you happy!