Best Blogging Tips to Get a Good Ranking in SEO

If you are a blogger, you must think of something different for your blog.

But getting new ideas is enough for your ranking? No, you need to have strong search engine optimization if you are willing to rank your blog higher.

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As we all know that SEO focuses on many factors and it is necessary to optimize a blog if the preference is ranking.

We can say that many basic things are included in search engine optimization like the content uploaded on the blog.

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So, we are going to share some best tips that can help improve search engine optimization.

Let’s begin.

1.      Select a unique niche

Selecting a unique niche doesn’t mean you select something that people don’t search on the internet so, be careful while selecting a niche.

There are many topics or niches that are really interesting and people want to read information about them.

Now, it depends on you which topic attracts you the most and try to select the one you have interest in.

If you will have an interest in your topic then it can be easy for you to write blogs about it and you can be very creative for your blog.

In contrast, if you will select a niche that is not completely clear to you, it can be really hard to write about it and grow your blog.

You can select the following niches/topics

  • Technology
  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Science
  • Online tools
  • Plants and animal studies

Same as there are many more topics that can be very interesting but all you need to explore first so that, you can go for the best one.

2.      Use relevant keywords

The second most important thing is using relevant keywords, we can say that using keywords in a blog helps the content to grow and it makes the people find your blog easily.

But using keywords doesn’t mean to stuff keywords or to use irrelevant keywords that can oppose the intent of the content.

And it is not wrong to say that the keywords are dependent on how good your content is written so, you need to focus on your content first.

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Some steps are involved in content optimization and these steps are needed if you are concerned about the website rankings.

As we all know that the audience on your blog wants to read about your niche and if you select a good niche but you cannot deliver it then it cannot be beneficial at all.

Let’s take an example of keywords, if you are writing on a niche related to cars, you can add keywords like

  • Best cars in the USA
  • Affordable cars
  • Supercars to buy

So, there are many more examples of keywords but keyword research must be on merit and that’s how you can find the best suitable and ranking keywords.

3.      Plagiarism-free content

As we mentioned above that the content is the basic thing in a blog and we need to optimize it for high rankings.

But keep in mind that if you are using plagiarized content on your blog, it can be very difficult to grow your blog.

And it can easily destroy your professional reputation as well because it can be very easy to find plagiarism in content.

If you want to check plagiarism in content, all you need is to pick a good plagiarism checker and you can have the authentic results in a couple of seconds.

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But plagiarism checkers are only designed to check plagiarism in content so, we cannot remove plagiarism by a plagiarism checker.

For removing plagiarism, we need to follow some steps and we also need to use some tools so, that is something different from what we are talking about here.

We can give you some best tips in a short while.

  • Use your own words
  • Take some time
  • Do proper research
  • Use citations
  • Quote the content
  • Track sources
  • Add a reference page

These tips can help you in this context so, follow them to make your content unique and it can be pretty cleared now that using plagiarized content can never help you grow your blog.

4.      Focus on readability

Having unique content is not enough for ranking higher on SERPs, you need to keep concerned about the readability of your content.

If you are a newbie, it can be difficult for you to focus and maintain the readability of your content so, you can use a rephrasing tool.

Best blogging tips to get a good ranking in SEO

You must be focused on readability because it is a search engine’s policy that you need to write content that can be understandable by anyone either there is a student or some professional.

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And it can only be possible when you use simple words and focus on other things that can make your content complex like many phrases or idioms.

Sometimes, we just focus on the uniqueness of the content and we ignore the readability so, keep in mind that both of these are important.

5.      Add media in the content

It is proven that the audience loves to read content that is enriched with pictures and other media including videos, GIFs, and many more.

If your preference is the same that you want to entertain your audience along with giving them authentic and accurate information then, you must use media elements.

But don’t stuff them in your content which means you need to add media but keeping the density in focus.

When you stuff something in your content either it is a keyword or a media element, it cannot be beneficial at all.

6.      Reduce the bounce rate

When your blog takes much time to load or your blog is stuffed with useless information, the viewer will ultimately switch to the other sites.

And in a result, the bounce rate of your blog increase which is not good for search engine optimization.

You need to optimize the loading speed of your website so that, your audience will not switch to other websites.

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Got to the end and we are pretty sure that you are now clear about how can you grow your blog and rank higher.

You just need to follow the above-discussed steps and you are all set to get impressive results so, have a look at them.


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