What is the Smurf Cat Meme? (Шайлушай)

In this article, you'll learn who the Smurf Cat Russian meme (blue mushroom cat) on TikTok (Шайлушай) is and what the Smurf Cat Meme on TikTok is all about.

What is the Smurf Cat Meme on TikTok? (Шайлушай)

If you are a regular TikTok user, you might have noticed a trending Smurf Cat post. The Smurf Cat is also known as the blue mushroom cat or Шайлушай.

It's also commonly referred to as “We Live We Love We Lie” or Shailushai. This is because the song “The Spectre,” is always played in the background of the cat video.

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What is the Smurf Cat Meme on TikTok? (Шайлушай)

The Smurf Cat meme on TikTok is an illustration of a blue mushroom cat while the song “The Spectre” plays in the background. Similar memes include Wenomechainsama, Turi Ip Ip Ip, the Strawberry Elephant, the Apple With A Face and many more.

In these memes, a picture of an animal is shown while a song is being played in the background. In the Smurf Cat video, “The Spectre,” a song by DJ Alan Walker is played in the background. These videos are usually edited to fit the song, allowing the animals or objects in the video to stand out.

One of the most popular videos of the meme has over 1.5 million views and is posted by @vsmatty. Another video, posted by @conquestor__ on TikTok, is an edit of the Smurf Cat and the Apple With A Face meme. The video got over 4.1 million views and more than 700k likes.


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♬ original sound – matty

What is the Origin of the Blue Mushroom Cat?

Blue Mushroom Cat

The blue mushroom cat, or the Smurf cat, comes from an artwork by Nate Hallinan. Hallinan is a Senior Finisher, Concept Artist, and Illustrator based in Portland, United States.

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The artwork, titled “What if Smurfs were real?” explains that the Smurf is a symbiotic relationship between two organisms. Hallinan believes that Smurfs put their' embryos' in the button of a developing mushroom.

He theorizes that Smurfs are not wearing a hat and pants, but they are actually wearing fungus. The fungus provides camouflage and protective layers for the creature while the creature spreads the spores.

According to Hallinan, the Smurf Cat in the artwork is returning from a successful hunter-gatherer venture. He also said that the Smurfs are hunted for their medicinal properties, so there are not many of them left in the wild.

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The Smurf Cat Russian meme on TikTok (Шайлушай) has become viral on TikTok, and videos with the meme have been viewed and liked by millions on the platform.