Where to Find Interesting Podcasts and How to Listen to them

Here, you can learn about podcasts, how to listen to podcasts and where to find interesting podcasts that worth your time.

Where to Find Interesting Podcasts and How to Listen to them

Where to Find Interesting Podcasts

Podcasts are audio presentations on the internet. They are usually made available by means of download or stream. You can easily find one free on the web through your browser or via iTunes or other popular audio streaming websites and apps.

Podcasts can span across different topics and niches. It can be a show where you can have a host and guest speaker, or a fix/ explanation of an idea or a comedy just to make listeners laugh. Just like you read on blogs and see videos on vlogs, a podcast is just an equivalent of those. Only that you can only listen to it.

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Amazingly, anyone can make or listen to a podcast as long as they have a recording device and a good internet connection that can be used to send the recording online.

Podcasts are made in audio mp3 format types and are distributed online with the use of an RSS feed. Once a listener subscribes to a podcast, they are automatically downloaded to their device and can readily listen to them.

Podcasts can be found on iTunes or the Apple Podcasts app for people using a Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or any other apple hardware device. Besides, you can find podcasts on Spotify, a strong competitor of iTunes in this regard, Google Podcasts for free trending podcasts, SoundCloud and other audio streaming platforms.

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Podcasts help to communicate thoughts, information, and experiences to listeners just by listening to some voices. No video whatsoever on the screen. Simply play and start listening. It is that easy!

How to Listen to Podcasts

Listening to a podcast is very easy. You can either use your Android or iOS device or directly from the web if you find it more convenient. Here is how:

Listening to Podcasts on Android

If you use an Android device, there are tons of apps that can be used. One of the most reliable in this category is the Google Podcasts app which can be used to discover and listen to trending podcasts for free.

Features of Google Podcasts App
  • Listen wherever you are
  • Listen on multiple devices
  • Customize your listening experience
  • Browse popular and trending shows
  • Listen to faster playback speeds
  • Subscribe and listen to all your favourite podcasts for free
  • Explore show and episode recommendations
  • Queue up episodes for a seamless listening experience
  • Discover podcasts using Google Search and Google Assistant
  • Keep track of your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions
  • Stream episodes for instant playback or auto-download episodes to listen offline

You can install the Google Podcasts app and start listening for free.

Other podcasts apps for Android are Spotify, Apple Music, and several others on the Google Play store.

Listening to Podcasts on iPhone and iPad

To listen to podcasts on an iPhone or iPad, you only need the Apple Podcasts app. You can have access to all the podcasts on iTunes without browsing the entire library.

By specifying your interest, Apple Podcasts will let you listen to audio content on iTunes by helping you find the shows you really want and subscribe to.  Apple Podcasts can be installed for free on all versions of iOS if it hasn’t been installed by default already.

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Listening to Podcasts on PC

To get to listen to podcasts on macOS and Windows 10, you can choose iTunes, the perfect app for listening to podcasts. iTunes app will help you to find recommendations, top episodes, and top podcasts around. iTunes is often called the home of podcasts because it can get them to come from a lot of sources.

Listening to Podcasts on the Web

The likes of Spotify, SoundCloud and other related websites will let you listen to a podcast using your web browser. Simply enter the website URL and start playing.

However, some of the websites require you to have a free account to use their services and you might have some interrupting your listening with audio adverts.

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