45+ Free Discord Accounts with Nitro

In this post, we have provided you with Free Discord accounts and passwords with Nitro for your use and other ways you can use Discord for free.

45+ Free Discord Accounts with Nitro

The Discord app helps you stay connected with your friends. You can use features to connect with friends on the app, including voice talking and chatting. Besides, Discord also has lots of customization features and security.

Discord is used mainly by gamers as a voice and chat app. You can easily chat with your friends when you play games and have a microphone. Aside from this, when in a conversation, you can share your screen with others to see what you are doing.

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Below, we provide a list of free Discord accounts with free Nitro.

How to Get a Free Discord Account

To get a free Discord account, you must visit the Discord website. Select the “Register” option on the website as a new user or “Login” if you already have a Discord account.

You can also open a free Discord account through the mobile app. We recommend installing the Discord mobile app from trusted sources like the Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iOS.

Is Discord Account Free?

Discord is free. Therefore, you can create an account for free as well. Although, in-game items like the “Nitro” doesn't come for free.

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Nitro in Discord lets you enjoy more from the platform by using perks that let you make custom emojis, use animated avatars and claim a custom tag. You can get Nitro for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 on the yearly plan.

A Nitro subscription can be cancelled when you feel like it.

45+ Free Discord Accounts with Nitro

Free Discord Accounts

Below are the free Discord accounts, including the email address and password.

  1. [email protected], Password: afjwk94379
  2. [email protected], Password: aiwhf35956
  3. [email protected], Password: awubg12456
  4. [email protected], Password: forex15326
  5. [email protected], Password: bjwif14658
  6. [email protected], Password: cegwe32512
  7. [email protected], Password: cnsis24853
  8. [email protected], Password: cxngr29412
  9. [email protected], Password: dexog58698
  10. [email protected], Password: eghof43973
  11. [email protected], Password: eoihr28592
  12. [email protected], Password: fefhw85263
  13. [email protected], Password: gfdyt28444
  14. [email protected], Password: grehj94327
  15. [email protected], Password: hioege28912
  16. [email protected], Password: ivnwe32503
  17. [email protected], Password: jenvd73548
  18. [email protected], Password: kjdsa43782
  19. [email protected], Password: krwiq08142
  20. [email protected], Password: msasx09766
  21. [email protected], Password: mvxzz35722
  22. [email protected], Password: nvibg28223
  23. [email protected], Password: oefje34203
  24. [email protected], Password: qowfm12539
  25. [email protected], Password: qwruq21421
  26. [email protected], Password: snkdl17839
  27. [email protected], Password: sowtj42901
  28. [email protected], Password: vmsdf29124
  29. [email protected], Password: weigj76112
  30. [email protected], Password: wifhs14860
  31. [email protected], Password: woiehf86533
  32. [email protected], Password: wqfqg61232
  33. [email protected], Password: wqrwd24237
  34. [email protected], Password: yteri95301

Please note that this list is for early birds. If you are lucky to see the post on time, kindly look for the login that works for you before someone else uses it. If you cannot log in with an account, then it has either been used by someone else, or the password has been changed.

Free Discord Accounts with Nitro

Also added are some free Discord accounts with Nitro, including their email address and password.

  1. [email protected], Password: 10appareaapparea
  2. [email protected], Password: 22dqwqdqwq
  3. [email protected], Password: 66nazvomnazvom
  4. [email protected], Password: tliopopenpopen
  5. [email protected], Password: hf2qeioqeio
  6. [email protected], Password: plamujfomujfo
  7. [email protected], Password: 40wegwwegw
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The login details listed above are for the fastest finger. You must claim any combination that works for you before someone else does.

However, if an email address and password combination don't work or there is no nitro, someone else has likely changed it. Else, if an account has expired or been cancelled.


We have provided free login details to Discord on this page. Please, feel free to choose any email address/password combination that works for you and does not change it so others can use it.

We will continue to add more accounts when they are available.

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45+ Free Discord Accounts with Nitro

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