45+ Free Spotify Premium Accounts

In this post, we have provided you with Free Spotify premium accounts and passwords for your use and other ways you can use Spotify for free.

45+ Free Spotify Premium Accounts

Spotify is one of the most famous music services providing access to online music streaming. It currently has more than 300 million subscribers.

With the app, you can listen to songs anywhere in the world. Spotify spans all kinds of music, making it a go-to for everyone, no matter their musical taste.

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Below, we have provided a list of free Spotify Premium accounts with email addresses and passwords.

How to Get a Free Spotify Premium Account

You must sign up for a free trial to get a Spotify Premium account. Visit the Spotify Subscription Page and select the “Start Free Trial” option.

You can either sign up for a free account or sign in using an existing one, then choose “PayPal” before checking out.

This will get you a Spotify Premium account for three months. However, remember to cancel your free trial if you do not want to be billed for subsequent months.

You can also download and install a premium version of the Android app for trusted sources.

Is Spotify free?

You can use Spotify for free. However, the music app comes with a premium version that lets you play without the interruption of ads.

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The Spotify free account shows ads after a handful of songs have played. Also, song playlists are frequently randomized with skips experienced on mobile and desktop.

To avoid interruption, you can use the free trial or subscribe to a premium of $9.99 monthly.

45+ Free Spotify Premium Accounts

Free Spotify Premium Accounts

Below are the free Spotify accounts, including the email address and password.

  1. [email protected], Password: bgfdw76521
  2. [email protected], Password: bhrdh96135
  3. [email protected], Password: cawch02492
  4. [email protected], Password: cbuwf52931
  5. [email protected], Password: 34613chtfj
  6. [email protected], Password: dsnsd14530
  7. [email protected], Password: efjwh47291
  8. [email protected], Password: fqgfu47822
  9. [email protected], Password: 65459gtfdf
  10. [email protected], Password: hiyexi3873
  11. [email protected], Password: 23732ienfo
  12. [email protected], Password: itufh35723
  13. [email protected], Password: jacoj44915
  14. [email protected], Password: kahsw42532
  15. [email protected], Password: 58322mncdx
  16. [email protected], Password: nnywa81284
  17. [email protected], Password: nojibac866
  18. [email protected], Password: 25782ojwef
  19. [email protected], Password: owqfh21421
  20. [email protected], Password: 10923powej
  21. [email protected], Password: 20421qvksa
  22. [email protected], Password: rihay78182
  23. [email protected], Password: 79813rsdcs
  24. [email protected], Password: sdvbw35323
  25. [email protected], Password: tebamal665
  26. [email protected], Password: therew24522
  27. [email protected], Password: 92849usejb
  28. [email protected], Password: uykek02124
  29. [email protected], Password: 94145vniee
  30. [email protected], Password: 87323wboep
  31. [email protected], Password: wegoi29159
  32. [email protected], Password: wtgej92042
  33. [email protected], Password: 43523xdjhy
  34. [email protected], Password: ywrif92375
  35. [email protected], Password: zseer23529

Please note that this list is for early birds. If you are lucky to see the post on time, kindly look for the login that works for you before someone else uses it. If you cannot log in with an account, then it has either been used by someone else, or the password has been changed.

Free Spotify Accounts

Also added are some free Spotify accounts with their email address and password.

  1. [email protected], Password: hasowo4123
  2. [email protected], Password: hogegi6295
  3. [email protected], Password: nanab85198
  4. [email protected], Password: nejatip129
  5. [email protected], Password: pavevic895
  6. [email protected], Password: royatip284
  7. [email protected], Password: vepolos205
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The login details listed above are for the fastest finger. You must claim any combination that works for you before someone else does.

However, if an email address and password combination don't work, someone else has likely changed it. Else, if an account has expired or been cancelled.


We have provided free login details to Spotify Premium on this page. Please, feel free to choose any email address/password combination that works for you and does not change it so others can use it.

We will continue to add more accounts when they are available.

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45+ Free Spotify Premium Accounts

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