8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

Have you ever pranked anyone before? Playing pranks on people are some of the things we usually like to do when we were much younger. Even at adulthood, some people still play some good-natured pranks on others. Pranks are usually fun especially if it is good-natured. Here, you will be learning some rare tech pranks you should try on PC.

8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

If you are interested in how to play some cool tech pranks on PC, I guess you are in the right place. As you proceed with this article, I would be showing you some nice and cool rare tech pranks you can play with your computer. Are you ready for this?

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8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

Apply a Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Apply a Cracked Screen Wallpaper

For a start, let us imagine you wish to prank someone (a friend or colleague) by making them believe they have a cracked screen. To do this, you can download some cracked screen image from the internet and use it as wallpaper. However, you can decide to take a screenshot of the home screen and add the cracked glass effect on top of it. This would probably deliver some shock to the individual that owns the system. You can also download a couple of apps that can do that for you.

Displace Desktop Icons & Replace Display with an Image

This trick is not really different from the first but I bet it gives more shock value to your victim. To do this, take a screenshot of the victim current desktop by using the Snip and Sketch tool. Save the image and use this image as the wallpaper. To complete this task, try hiding the desktop icons and taskbar. The effect of this trick is that your victim would feel that something went wrong with the system because nothing will respond to any mouse clicks.

Another way to create a similar effect is to move some of the desktop icons around in a disorderly way and take a screenshot of the desktop. Then you can use this snip as the wallpaper. Do this again and this time make the desktop looks more clustered and take another screenshot. Set this image again as the wallpaper. Repeat this process until you are sure the desktop icons are clustered enough with only a few icons that are actually working. Then your victim is left with no choice than to find which icons are usable.

Rotate PC Display By a Half Turn (1800)

8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

This prank enables you to flip your victim’s computer display upside down. If your victim is using Windows OS, then you can achieve this feat by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Down arrow. To revert, click Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow. If that doesn’t work for some reason, try another way:

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Right-click on the desktop > Click on Display settings > Scroll down to screen orientation > Change it to Landscape flipped.

Perhaps your victim happens to be using Mac, hold Command + option at the same time, while still holding those leys go to System Preferences. Go to display (while still holding the two keys) A new menu called Rotation should appear on the screen, and you can then flip the display and save it or undo.

Block Victim's Mouse Sensor

Block Victim's Mouse Sensor

You can decide to taunt your victim by using some kind of stuff to block their mouse sensor. This would stop the mouse from functioning properly. It might not really produce much effect on your victim.

Change Keyboard Layout

8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

If you would like to mess with your victim in a funny way without having to do much, you can decide to change the keyboard layout from the QWERTY layout to an alternate layout known as DVORAK. Actually, most average users aren’t familiar with it.

To do this, go to the Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards > Change Keyboards, then click the add button and pick Dvorak layout. Once you have done that, you can use the drop-down above to set the default. To make sure your trick is not figured out easily, you can probably flip over to the Language bar tab and hide it. Make sure your victim doesn’t know about DVORAK layout!!!

Make Mouse Pointer Appear Busy

8 Rare Tech Pranks You Should Try on PC

Anytime our computer hangs, the cursor gets unnecessarily busy and this gets us really annoyed. You can actually duplicate this by pranking your victim to thinking that their computer is hanging when it’s really not. Here is a way to do this:

  • Windows: Go to the Control panel > Mouse > Pointers and then change the Normal pointer to the working one.
  • Mac: You might not be able to perform this trick on this operating system, but there is always a way of messing around with the cursor. Go to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and drag the cursor size all the way to the right to make the cursor look gigantic. Doing this can also create some kind of confusion for your victim.

Remote Access Control

This trick has to do with plugging a wireless mouse or keyboard to control a computer from afar. An office setting with desktop PCs is an interesting place to perform such a trick. Just plug a wireless mouse or keyboard receiver in the back of your victim’s computer and you can then control it from your own desk. The receiving person will be confused when the mouse starts moving by itself, typing weird messages on the screen and all other kinds of stuff you choose to do. Honestly, I would advise you to try with a colleague and you are in for a good laugh.

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Take Charge of Autocorrect

The basic idea about this trick is to replace a common word with a custom entry into the Autocorrect keyboard feature or with something else entirely. This is one of the rare tech pranks on PC that can be played in a quite number of ways and depending on which of your victims you are likely to mess with his computer.

For example, you can simply replace a correctly typed word with another word of your choice. You can also go as far as changing a word such as “Go” to “I can’t wait to see you”. Now let’s take a look at how you can do this:

  • Microsoft Word: Choose File from the main menu > Options > Proofing > Autocorrect Options. Then you can change whatever word you wish to change. However, if you want this to be system-wide, you can use Auto Hotkey instead.
  • Word on Mac: Go to Word > Preferences > AutoCorrect.
  • For Mac: System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Click the Plus sign at the bottom left.
  • For Google Docs: Tool > Preferences. Add away. Make sure the box next to “Automatic substitution” is checked.
  • For iPhone: Before proceeding make sure autocorrect is on.Go to settings > General > Keyboard > Text replacement > Tap the Plus sign at the top right and add your corrections.
  • What next?

Now that you are armed with some rare tech pranks you should try, why don’t you go get your victim and you will be in for some serious series of laughter.

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