Globacom Introduced Glo Data Calculator; Customers to Get Estimated Monthly Data Usage

Globacom, one of Nigeria's most popular internet service provider has introduced Glo Data Calculator. With this cool new feature, all Customers will get an estimated Monthly Data Usage.

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Glo Data Calculator feature will help you as a Globacom user to get a monthly estimate of your data consumption to be able to decide which data plan suits you.

How Glo Data Calculator Works?

Estimation of your monthly data usage is calculated by using the following factors.

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  • 1 hour of social media = 200mb
  • A hour of browsing = 60mb
  • 1 hour of Instant Messaging with video calls = 140mb
  • A hour of streaming music = 60mb per hour
  • 1 hour of streaming videos = 350mb (non HD) & 1GB (HD)
  • 1 email sent or received with attachments = 500kb
  • A minute of connected game play = 60mb
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This means that your consumption depends on which app use or website you visit.

How to Use Glo Data Calculator

  • Visit the Glo Data Calculator Website from here.
  • Select the activities you get involved with every day.
  • Tap on the icon below the page to calculate your monthly data usage.

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