Tips for Moving Past Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Levels

The series of COVID-19 waves have made life unpredictable as none of us know when it will get back to normal again. It's been more than a year since people have been locked inside their houses, be it with their family members or completely alone. When people are bound to eat, work and sleep in repeat mode, online games have come up as a huge relief to get rid of the boredom and stress that they are going through in recent times.

Tips for Moving Past Hard to Beat Bubble Shooter Levels

Given the entertainment factor that the online games have introduced during the lockdown and social distancing era, the game manufacturers have been trying hard to introduce games that would sharpen the minds of individuals and let them feel at ease. In fact, according to one of the reports published by Yahoo! Sports, online video games help people deal with several mental issues, including anxiety, depression, etc.

While most of the games have been introduced virtually after the popularity they received in their traditional form, there are a few games that have always been played on online platforms. One such game is Bubble Shooter. It helps strengthen the concentration level in individuals and assess their presence of mind. As a player, you need to be alert and quick in your action to ensure the bubbles are removed swiftly and you record a win.

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If the bubbles increase in number and fill the screen without shooting them properly, you lose. Thus, if you are a beginner and want to play the bubble shooter game online, it is recommended to first go for the easiest level. However, do note that the game gets tougher as you move to the higher ones.

Know the rules

The first thing that determines how well you play the game is to know the rules. Hence, you should be aware of how to go about recording a win. The players in the game have to shoot the bubbles from the cannon. They would require matching the bubbles to form a group of the same colour. When you have clustered more than three bubbles in a group, they blast away, emptying the space in the region. The more bubbles you remove, the better your score will be.

Shoot the hanging bubbles

It is recommended to target the hanging bubbles to ensure that all other bubbles drop once you shoot. Instead of shooting any bubble randomly at a time, it is expected that you wait for the bubble of the right colour to be targeted so that it drops all the other connected bubbles at once to clear the space. Targeting a solo bubble is the best way to be quick in action as it will help you get the connected bunch of hanging bubbles together to shoot and burst.

Strategize the game

A number of players randomly shoot the ball in the game without a strategy in mind. They hardly know that there needs to be a proper way to handle those bubbles. When you are already on the set of bubbles, you must be alert enough to see the next set of same-colour bubbles in the queue. You should avoid randomly shooting the bubbles if you seriously want to excel in the game. Instead, build a strategy as you move further—plan on how you would like to tackle the bubbles. Prior planning will make your gameplay technique organized and help you win.

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Be a smart player

When you are smart enough to strategize things, the game will be in your favour. The players who randomly target bubbles are more likely to block bubbles at the initial phase of the game. As a result, the entire space gets congested, making it difficult to clear the space later. In the web version of the game, you can use the cursor to direct the bubbles to the route you desire. Doing this will ensure your shot is accurate and it is played the way you wanted. Being smart will make sure you do not end up hitting bubbles that you do not intend to.

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The bank shot

Taking a bank shot is one of the most useful tricks to win a Bubble Shooter game. When the shooter is angled at one of the field walls so that the bubble bounces off the sidewalls, it is called a bank shot. If you intend to hit tough-to-reach bubbles of the same colour, a bank shot is a good option. In just a shot, you can shoot more bubbles, earning more points. Also, if you are in a situation where you cannot find any possible match on the first row of the field, this shot helps you handle the strike well.

Various online platforms make the Bubble Shooter game available to individuals. If you think that this game is just for kids with easy moves required to win the game, give it a try. As you progress and reach the next levels, the game turns harder, leaving you in the dust. Hence, before you judge the game's complexity, you should play and see how difficult it is to shoot the bubbles.

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The tips mentioned above will surely help you win the Bubble Shooter game irrespective of your level.