How to Build a Great IGTV Strategy?

Since its inception, Instagram's IGTV is becoming one of the game-changing features of the social media platform. This recently added feature has changed the way people share posts on Instagram. The IGTV changed Instagram from a photo-sharing space to a video sharing platform. It is one of the most dramatic changes we have seen in a while on social media platforms, and a lot of us are still learning how to use it properly. Given below are some of the methods which can be useful to build an excellent IGTV content promotion strategy.

How to Build a Great IGTV Strategy?

What Is IGTV?

Before we move to strategies, let's first clear out the main concept of IGTV. Instagram launched a new feature that allows users to watch and upload longer videos. You can upload your IGTV posts using the already installed app that you have on your phone, or you can download a stand-alone IGTV app for both Android and IoS.

Tips To Build Winning IGTV Strategy

If you are ready to take the new challenge of social media marketing, here are some expert-level tips that can help you promote your brand using IGTV videos on social media platforms.

1 Invest In Instagram

Everyone is on Instagram. More than 500 million active users are scrolling their Instagram feeds daily and hitting likes on photos and videos they love. In addition to this, more than 400 million users daily post something on Instagram as a story or post. If we are talking about demographics, both men and women are present in equal numbers.

From age, 18-34 and 35-44 are more active on Instagram. All the numbers are in your favour, so it's better to invest in your marketing budget for Instagram marketing. With the help of an online video maker, you can quickly edit your videos and post them on Instagram to engage your potential audience of 500 million people. What more could you ask for?

2 Keep Videos Short, To The Point And Fun

No one wants to see a video 10 minutes long, even though Instagram has allowed a 60 minutes time limit for IGTV videos. It's the initial 5 seconds where you need to leave your mark, to make the viewer watch the whole thing. As a result, you need to be a bit more creative and precise with the concept. An average video on IGTV lasts for 3-4 minutes.

You need to keep your videos in this time limit and be clear about the message you want to send. Lastly, Instagram is for young individuals, and if your story has something exciting and fun that they want to share on their story, then you have already won half the battle.

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3 Format Importance

Yes, Instagram has allowed horizontal viewing, but ask yourself how many times have you tilted your phone to watch a video on Instagram? The answer will convince you to make most of your videos in a vertical format.

Also, when you are shooting the video, keep in mind the vast majority of people will be watching your videos in vertical. So it is better to shoot and edit your videos in vertical format.

4 Relevancy Is The Key

If you are not posting something trending, you are not going to attract likes and shares. Some of the biggest companies in the world make their marketing strategy based on the latest trends. Such as “Black Lives Matter.”

One good example of this is last week's event when G-mail link-sharing services were down. As a result, marketers on Instagram took full advantage of the trend and started posting their content in context to G-mail being down.

You need to be on your toes when it comes to looking for the latest trends. A trend can come from anywhere; it's up to you to make the most of it and use it to spread your brand's message.

5 Use Other Features As Well

Before you post an IGTV video, make sure you get your followers all excited about it. Give them a sneak peek of the video through the Instagram post, or put behind the scenes on your story. This will attract followers and users to see the final product. What we are saying is to promote your videos to the best of your ability.

Add a countdown button on your story, tell your followers to look at this place again tomorrow. On social media, it's all about hype and creativity. If you can get one of them, you will surely get hearts and likes that you desire.

6 Keep On Evolving

As we have said earlier, be open-minded and evolve with the change. Don't hold yourself back from experimenting. If you have found a perfect method to get your video enough shares and likes, you might think that's the end of the road.

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But Instagram is one of the most competitive marketing platforms, and something which is trending today can be out of trend tomorrow. So, you need to look for new ways to keep your followers engaged with your content. Using memes isn't bad, but keep them subtle and align them with your brand's message.

7 Bring Broader Aspects Of Videos

Don't just look for promoting your services and brand on Instagram, give something to your audience. A video tutorial, an Interview snippet from a powerful speaker. Something which is shareable and, at the same time, completes its purpose of increasing the knowledge.

You can show your audience the importance of video marketing in your videos. This will help your audience learn and know about your product at the same time. But yes, keep it short and funny. This needs to be in the back of your mind every time you are creating something for IGTV.


These are some of the methods and strategies you can use to create a better IGTV audience for your Instagram account. IGTV is still a new thing, and Instagram has already rolled out Instagram reels, another video feature, but now the time limit is 15 seconds.

Now it is your time to find out the potential customers for your brand and get them like and share your IGTV videos.

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