How to Change A Wrong Name in TrueCaller Database

Are you getting incorrect contact names as suggestions? Here, you will be learning how to change a wrong name in the TrueCaller database.

How to Change A Wrong Name in TrueCaller Database

TrueCaller app is one of the best android apps to manage calls, messages and control spam. It is widely used across the world especially to identify the name of an unknown caller. With several million active installations, it remains arguably one of the popular apps of all time.

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How it Works!

The TrueCaller app works magic in identifying contacts. When a user installs the app, it automatically starts working and helps to know who an unknown caller is by retrieving their information from its database.

The TrueCaller database comprises contact sync data from its users. If you are one of its users, it means you have given the app permission to read your contacts. When this happens, it synchronizes your contacts, store in its database and retrieves them to another user when anyone on your contact list calls them as an unknown caller.

TrueCaller is useful to identify and prevent spam calls. It identifies the name of an unknown caller and their location when your phone rings. Also, a call from an unreliable caller is marked as spam to give you a safe and healthy working space. The same goes with text messages.

Wrong Names on TrueCaller

Surprisingly, one of the problems of this app is the persistent issues of wrong names. Many at times, a caller’s name retrieved is not very accurate. This is generally due to two reasons.

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One is that a good number of people have saved the contact name as a nickname. Also, it is possible that the new phone number was given to a different person in the past by a network operator.

How to Change a Wrong Name in TrueCaller Database

With the TrueCaller App

  1. Install TrueCaller App for your device (Android, iOS).
  2. Upon installation, launch the app and verify your number.
  3. Once you are a verified user, tap Menu then Edit Profile.
  4. Further, tap the Pencil Icon and input your correct name.

You have just entered the correct details to be displayed to TrueCaller users you call.

With TrueCaller Website

  1. Visit TrueCaller Website and log in with a Google or Microsoft account.
  2. When you are granted access, search for your number and click suggest a tag then Suggest Name.
  3. A pop-up is displayed with name suggestions and you can edit to your real name. Besides, you can also specify if the contact is for a person or a business.
  4. Remember to save your entry to validate the new contact name on the TrueCaller database.
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Those are the two ways to change a wrong name in the TrueCaller database. You can use any of the explained methods depending on which one is best and convenient for you. Although I feel the second method is more flexible and can be used to correct wrong several contact details which are not even yours.

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