How to Change the Language in Starfield

In this guide, we will assist you to change the language of both the text and audio settings in Starfield on the Steam platform.

How to Change the Language in Starfield

Starfield is a space-based role-playing game developed by the team behind The Scrolls V: Skyrim. It provides players with an opportunity to embark on a journey of unravelling the enigmas of the universe.

Within these galaxies, you have the freedom to create and personalize your character and even take charge of your very own starship. However, if you wish to change your language in the game from the default option, this guide will assist you in changing both the text and audio settings on the Steam platform.

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For those who speak languages other than English, you can simply adjust the preferred language options in-game text and audio settings.

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Why Change the Language in Starfield?

Changing the language settings in Starfield will help you to understand the dialogues, instructions and backstory of the game in your language.

How to Change the Language in Starfield

To change your language, you will first need to open your game in the Steam library. Launch Steam and go to your library. Find “Starfield” in your list of games. Right-click on “Starfield”. Choose “Properties” from the menu that appears.

Choose "Properties"

Within the properties window, go to the “General” tab. Locate the menu labelled “Language.” Click on it to display a selection of languages. From there, select your desired language (for example, German) from the provided list.

Click on "Language"

After selecting the language you want, you have to wait for the game to update its language settings. It might take some time because all the in-game text and audio need to be changed to your chosen language. The game will let you know when the update is finished.

Once the language update is complete, you'll be able to play Starfield in your chosen language.

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Modifying the language in the game can be done by adhering to the instructions above. Now, you can enjoy playing Starfield in the language you prefer.