How to Easily Get Your Instagram Account Verified

This post will be discussing How to Easily Get Your Instagram Account Verified. A lot of people and brands uses Instagram – one of the most popular social networks in the world, day in day out for different reasons.

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For whatever the reason it is, getting your Instagram account verified gives more meaning and senses to that reason. The Instagram verification actually is majorly used to differentiate real accounts from fake, thereby instilling more trust in the heart of your account followers.

This blue tick beside the name of users is used to identify Instagram verified accounts.

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Let's go straight to the business on How to Easily Get Your Instagram Account Verified.

How to Easily Get Your Instagram Account Verified

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  • Make sure your Instagram Profile is properly filled – with a good profile picture and well-written bio.
  • Open the Instagram app and navigate to Settings.
  • Scroll down the page and tap Request Verification.
  • Input your account name, full name, and upload a photo of your ID or a legal or business ID (maybe your National ID card, voter’s card, International passport, driver’s license or any government-issued identity card)
  • Click on the SEND button.
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After this, Instagram will review your request and then decide your verification.

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