How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

Trying to locate the MAC address on your PC? Here, we have discussed how to find a Mac address on Windows 10.

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

MAC (media access control) addresses are unique and usually alphanumeric hardware identifier assigned to devices that uses the internet. Every network interface and devices have a unique MAC address. It is embedded into the device's network interface card permanently by manufacturers and cannot be changed.

A MAC address consists of 12 digits in six pairs, for example, 00:1B:C5:77:00:49. The MAC address allows your device to interact with other local network devices. When a router is detected by your device, the device tries to initiate a connection by sending out its MAC address. The router on its end connects the device to the internet by assigning an IP address to it.


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The need to identify your Mac address might arise. Whether you are trying to set up your router and would like to block some devices that are not yours for extra security or you just want to figure out your devices by their Mac address or to help you identify and resolve some computer network errors.

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

Using the Command Prompt

  1. From the Taskbar, search and select Command Prompt from the menu, or you can right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt from the menu.
  2. Next, type in ipconfig /all and press Enter to see your network configurations.
  3. Now, scroll down to the network adapter and look for the Physical Address. Your MAC address is displayed next to it.
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From the Network connection settings

  1. From your Taskbar, search and select View network status and tasks. or go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Next, choose your network connection, click the Details button and find the Physical Address.
  3. The physical address value in the Network Connection Details window is the MAC address that you need.

Using the Network Icon

  1. Start by clicking on the network icon on the taskbar, usually placed next to the time display.
  2. On your connection, click Properties to open the network settings window.
  3. Go down to the Properties section to see the MAC address right next to the Physical address.

Other Previous Versions of Windows

Windows 8

  1. Press the Windows Start key on your keyboard to see the Start Menu.
  2. Type cmd in the search box and press enter.
  3. Type ipconfig /all in the Command Prompt and press enter.
  4. Check next to Physical Address for your MAC address.
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Windows 7

  1. Click the start menu and type cmd in the search box to open the Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Type getmac in the Command Prompt and press enter
  3. Check next to Physical Address for your MAC address.

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

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