How to Reset the Explore Page on Instagram

The Explore page on Instagram is generated based on your search queries. You need to clear your search history to reset and change the Instagram Explore Page for improved suggestions.

How to Reset the Explore Page on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular social media websites and its app well-used among its users to share photos and videos with their followers. Most Instagram users and creators now use the platform for adverts too.

Instagram contents are shown on user individual feeds based on who they follow. Explore on the other hand has numerous contents for users to see. These contents are generated based on their interest. These constitute factors like the user recent searches, people they follow, and posts they like.

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To reset the Explore page, you simply need to clear your search history.

How to Reset Explore Page on Instagram

  1. From the Instagram app, tap on your profile icon and then, the burger menu icon located to the top-right.
  2. Scroll downwards and Choose Settings.
  3. Go to Security >> Data and History >> Search History.
  4. Tap Clear All and repeat when you get a prompt asking if you want to clear your search history.
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Instagram search history will be cleared and this will reset your explore page.

How to Reset the Explore Page on Instagram

How to Control What Shows up on the Instagram Explore page

You can control your explore page by marking posts you do not like as Not Interested.

Go to the Instagram app and tap the search icon. Select any post, tap the three-dot menu above the post and tap Not Interested to remove it from the feed.

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