How to Fix Instagram Messages Deleted Automatically

Are your Instagram messages getting deleted? Here, we have explained how to fix Instagram messages deleted automatically.

How to Fix Instagram Messages Deleted Automatically

Some Instagram users allegedly reported that their messages disappear after they have been sent. Meanwhile, they didn't delete the message from their end. In this case, an affected account will continue to lose its chats.

The issues could be a result of bugs and glitches. However, other factors may be responsible.

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Below, we have explained why Instagram messages are deleted automatically and how to fix them.

Why do my Instagram messages delete automatically?

Instagram messages could get deleted automatically due to an error, or either you or the recipient has enabled vanish mode. The vanish mode helps to send disappearing messages and media and can be enabled from the messaging feature on Instagram.

When a user enables vanish mode, a message they sent disappears once they leave the chat screen. However, messages can be deleted automatically by a bug.

How to Fix Instagram Messages Deleted Automatically

We have explained all the available fixes below.

How to fix Instagram messages deleted automatically

You can fix the Instagram messages deleted automatically by disabling vanish mode. Otherwise, Instagram could be done, and you can only until the problem gets fixed.

If the sender or recipient of the message has enabled vanish mode, your message will continue to be deleted. Otherwise, you can ask them to disable the feature. In short, both of you need to disable vanish mode for your messages not to get deleted.

  1. Disable vanish mode

How to disable vanish mode

Launch the Instagram mobile app and visit your profile. Select the messenger icon and start a chat.

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Once you open a chat with someone, select their username from the top of the screen. This will take you to their Details page. Now, locate the Vanish mode option and disable it.

Disable vanish mode

When you disable Vanish mode, messages will no longer be deleted automatically, provided the other person hasn't enabled it. If your messages continue to be deleted, you can also ask them to disable Vanish mode.

  1. Find out if the app down

The Instagram app is currently down for some users. As a result, affected users are experiencing issues using some messaging features.

If your messages are still being deleted after you and the other user have disabled vanish mode, you should find out if Instagram is down for you.

One sure way to do this is by using the DownDetector website. Search for Instagram on the website, and it will return a chart showing cases of reported issues on Instagram. If you notice a spike in the chart, then Instagram is down.

Alternatively, you can visit the Twitter website for people engaging in similar discussions. If anyone has tweeted about the issue, you know that you are not alone.

  1. Wait a while

Issues with the messaging feature on Instagram are temporary and will be fixed with time. Hence, try waiting for some time and see if there are changes.

An error caused by the server usually lasts for a day or two. Hopefully, the error gets fixed as soon as possible.

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Wait a while

In other words, you don't have to do anything to fix the issue but wait it out.

  1. Check for updates

You can prevent your messages from getting deleted automatically by updating the app to the most recent release. Some Instagram updates address fixes for bugs.

Start by checking for an update for the Instagram app on the Google Play Store or App Store. If you can find one, apply the update and see if there are any noticeable changes.

However, you can also remove and re-install the Instagram app to help clear all outdated cache and give you the latest update.


The Instagram app is currently experiencing issues. As a result, Instagram messaging is not functioning correctly for some users.

However, Instagram has been notified and working on getting it fixed.

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How to Fix Instagram Messages Deleted Automatically

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