How to Hide Apps on iPhone

In a recent discussion, I was talking about how to download the new iPhone software with reference to the most recent iOS 12 released last month. Today, I will be discussing how to hide apps on iPhone.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Why do you need to hide apps on iPhone

Everyone knows how annoying it can be when people snoop through apps on our Apple products, especially the iPhone thereby violating the owner’s privacy. Although apps you wouldn’t want someone strange to see on your iPhone can be easily removed from the phone. This can be very frustrating as you must ensure to remove those apps on a regular basis.

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone

The method of protecting your iPhone with a lock or passcode has been proved not working – especially when the person willing to use your phone is someone you can’t deny the right. Maybe denying such people might result in trust issues in your relationship with them.

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At times when you forget to remove such apps, your reaction to the person with your phone can make him/her be suspicious.

I’ll teach you an easier way to hide your apps on the iPhone and protect your apps from snooping eyes. The method works for all iPhone brands ranging from iPhone 6, 7, 8, X, XS, XS Max and XR.

You can choose to achieve this by installing app-lockers for iPhones but most of them don’t work as expected and depends on the iOS bug. Most of the times, people that use them have to repeat the operation many times.

The most effective way to hide apps on iPhone is to hide it in folders among other apps. Let’s quickly look at how you can achieve this.

Steps to Hide Apps on iPhone

  1. Identify the app you would like to hide on your iPhone.
  2. Long press on the app until its icon becomes larger and all the apps start to wiggle.
  3. Then, move onto its own screen.
  4. You can then hide the app in a folder to avoid privacy issues. (Consider giving this folder any name that won’t look suspicious).
  5. You can move this folder to a different window on your screen to give additional privacy.
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That’s all I have to say on how to hide apps on the iPhone, I hope that this topic is of benefit to you. Kindly promote our articles by sharing with your friends.

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